Dungeon 189 - Diyun: The Hanging City

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Dungeon 189
Diyun: The Hanging City

By Will Hindmarch

Visitors marvel at Diyun's structures clinging dramatically to cliffs above the river.

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First to comment? Wow. This adventure site totally rocks. Good flavor, cool concept, good support. I love every part of it and will be using it in my campaign. Great article, thanks to the writer and artists for bringing it to life. Keep up the good work!
I'm giving this one a bump because I think it fits nicely in with this month's Kara-Tur theme. Although not expressly eastern (ie - Asian) in description, it definitely has a strong flavor that would put it right at home in an eastern campaign. Also this place would be perfect for you new Ninja build to do some assassination missions. Wealth, gambling, important NPC's, strange castles on top of cliffs.... it's ninja heaven.
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