Bloo Milk gone blooie?

Is it just on my side, or have the Bloo Milk servers been down all day?

Same for me.  Still down today, too.
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Probably the usual semi-annual cleanup/update. Should be back up in a day or so.
Am I the only one who checks to see if it's back up hourly-ish?
I get the impression that it is not maitenence. I would probably wait the weekend to give Shinja some time to try and fix it.
The word from Shinja (he e-mailed me back about 90 minutes ago) is that his host screwed something up, and they are working on getting it fixed.

No ETA yet.
I was just going to ask this because I haven't been getting on the past few days and I have a trade offer I want to take up.
I was in the middle of a trade and and hoping the site gets up sometime this week. If anyone knows contact info for creme_brule on bloomilk please lmk
I just tried visiting and got an explaination instead of an error.  Apparently the host went and deleated it although shinja says he's working on getting a backup restored to bring it back up.  Hopefully not too much was lost although some trades may be tricky.

creme_brule has the same name on, you should be able to get in touch with him there.
Looks like the site was supposed to be up today... Hopefully it'll be up soon
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