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So my group has been fighting through an abandoned bunker full of misbegotten science experiements that have been slowly escaping ever since a player's character was broken out of there a week previous.

Among other things they have defeated a Snallygaster (an Octopoid Yexil), and this past week our group's Nightmare/Wheeled creature was rummaging around a ruined lab and asked if there were any eggs left behind by it. I had her roll a series of percentile dice while I debated the ramifications of this, and when she rolled absurdly well I just gave one to her out of the awesomeness of the whole idea.

It's going to hatch in nine in-game days, and when it finally does I want to have it function similar to a 4e familiar in combat (place it in a nearby space as a minor action, substitute a standard action to have it act, probably have it move on a minor). Trouble is, I can't figure out what sort of attack I want it to have.

The best idea I've come up with so far is having it give its target a penalty until it's no longer adjacent to it. I'd love to riff of the baby eagle with an octopus head image but don't want it to be too strong...anybody have any suggestions?
I would represent it by granting the Snallygaster's master the following power:

Creepy But Cute
Enemies are flustered, if not unnerved, by the very presence of this icky little beast flapping around and occasionally letting out a pathetically cute "rawr!"
At-Will * Psi, Psychic
Minor Action (1/round)     Melee 1
Target: One creature
Attack: 3 + your level vs. Will
Hit: The target grants combat advantage until the start of its next turn.

It's not terribly powerful, but it's not meant to be. Of course, the Snallygasterling can always force an enemy to grant combat advantage simply by flanking it. This, however, lets it distract enemies it isn't behind as well.

The Snallygasterling should probably be able to fly short distances (maybe Fly 4) and otherwise have unremarkable statistics. Fairly low hit points (perhaps equal to the master's Wisdom score to represent the value of a wise and nurturing caretaker) and average defenses (10 + master's level) are all you need to make a fragile but fun pet.
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You've put a pretty good amount of thought into that. Sounds awesome!

Thank you!
You've put a pretty good amount of thought into that.

Not really. I'm just getting really good at B.S.ing rules for Gamma World off the top of my head. :D

But you're welcome... Glad to be of help.

And by the way, love the Snallygaster concept! I've never heard of that particular folktale before, but from what I read in the link you provided, it sounds like you nailed it rules-wise.
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