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What happens when a PC moves through or wants to  end movement on a spot that one of the Deugar is invisible in? Would the PC bump into him and know where he is? Would the PC have to stop one space sooner?

Just take a read of this and discuss it with your players before the game starts.

My general way of running such things:


I generally treat this as if they were allies. Allies can move through each others' squares, so the scout can choose to let the enemy move through their square so as to not reveal their location. But, really, go with whatever seems more fun. And, make it clear to the player. If they are trying to find you by bumping around, let them know whether it could work before they spend the action.

In general, if PCs want to find them they should be using Perception checks (or using AoE that will ignore the invisibility). A perception check will identify the square where the creature is hiding, though they still take a -5 to ranged/melee attacks. Without the perception checks they will not know the square.

What I generally do as a DM is the following:
- save your move action. Use your standard to hide, then use your move action. Instead of moving the miniature, make a mental note (or write down secretly) where they go. Take the mini off the board (it can be useful and fun to mark their last known location with some kind of marker). You can even do this when they don't move, creating fun uncertainty.
- don't ask for perception checks. Lurker math is based on consistently hiding. If the PCs ask, then give them the perception check. Many lurkers work just fine if they are not spotted.
- These creatures are not super stealthy, and having them flub the check could make the encounter too easy if they are taken out early. But, let the current challenge level guide you. For example, I might just grant them a minimum roll of 10 on their first stealth check so that they hide successfully. If a round later the PCs are having an easy time I might keep that strategy. If, on the other hand, the PCs are having too great a challenge, I would just roll the stealth check normally and I might explain out-of-character what options they have and how stealth checks work.
- Keep in mind that their damage boost works even if the PCs know the scout's square. So long as the PC can't see them, they get the boost. What the perception check does is let them know the square and possibly lock them down tactically (mark them, use AoE, etc.).

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Thanks for the link...

I just sent it to my DMs for tonight as mandatory reading
Thanks for the tips. This will definitely be interesting for me. I'm looking forward to running this one.
I've a similar approach to alphastream.  I base the action on the NPC's motivation:

If the NPC wants to do a surprise attack, they will take the AoO on the PC.
If the NPC is trying to remain hidden, they will Ready a Move action, in case the PC comes their way.

If the NPC wanted to remain hidden, but didn't plan ahead, default to the first option.
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