New to SoW - is there a "world" map to it?

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Hi All,

We're going to start SoW this week and I read through the forum and got some really good advice on what to skip and how to better tailor the AP so first of all thanks for that!! :-)

When reviewing the modules I really felt a need to a more comprehensive "high level overview" type of map that wil put all locations in perspective.

I know there is no official one but I was wondering if some of you would be willing to share some of the on official maps you might have.

any info will be greatly appreciated.

Seconded - Though not far into the campaign I feel around mid-heroic the players will be looking for more than the Overlook Area map.
So how do we get about achieving this? is there a map? Could we join forces and create one based on what is described in the modules?

Anyone want to give it a go? :-)
There definatley isn't an official world map - Nentir Vale exists in its own little D&D universe.  Most of the latter half of Paragon and Epic takes place on other planes entirely.  If our characters follow the hooks given, they should only need the locations of the heroic teir / early paragon tier adventures.

That's a pretty big IF though.  My group's done plenty of unexpected things so far.
Totally agree  (on both the party and the modules) but I think we need to start somewhere.  I would try and map out the the locations of the heroic teir / early paragon tier first and then figure out the rest.

Definately possible.  I'll let you know if I do any work on it - my party's in Bodrin's Watch right now then umbraforge, so I have a while beofre I'll need one.
The first time you 'go off the map' so to speak is in the Lost Mines of Karak, and it's an area somewhat implied by the existing map. The first time you *really* start to hear about locations that have no place on any published map is Haven of the Bitter Glass, when you shift your home base from Overlook to Sayre. Sayre itself isn't on a map; it's referenced in the text of the adventure as about 140 miles to the south of Overlook.

It's downhill from there, though, as the formation of the Coalition in that module introduces a number of other places that appear on no map and aren't really given a frame of reference for their location (besides 'off in the frontier somewhere you've never been'. Since the modules are so location-based and there really isn't much room given for the 'traveling random encounter', I tend to fast-forward through traveling sequences and just give an approximation of the passage of time.

That said, I did wish I had a map. It makes it more real somehow, and it doesn't feel like you're just inventing names, saying that so-and-so representative is from the city of Flimflam in the nation of Roughshot that's been there the whole time. Really. Of course, I can't draw worth a damn (other than relatively straight lines), let alone come up with a passable example of cartography. If anyone does start thinking about a map, though, start with the Nentir Vale/Overlook maps, go to the Red Hand of Doom Maps for reference and then check out the Lost Mines and Haven modules for locational approximations of the other places mentioned in the adventure path. I think most of what comes after is planar travel, but there may be a few locations dropped in Alliance at Nefelus (notably the island of Nefelus), Throne of the Stone-Skinned King and Garaitha's Anvil.

I have created a map of the Vale for use in my campaign, hope this helps...
We are looking at putting together a hex map for Scales of War (using Hexographer) to tie the Heroic (Elsir Vale/Overlook) and Paragon (Sayre/Nefelus) locations together.

Has anyone put together a hex map of this - or even a hex map of the Heroic areas, which we can use as a base?
I don't know how official it is, but the Nentir Vale was shown on the map for the "Conquest of Nerath" game. There was a hi-res image released (warning 12 MB file) of that map with all of the game info removed so it could be used by DM's. You could take this map and overlay a hex grid over it.

I should say, however, that the map from CofN never really felt like it fit my points of light / Scales of War campaign. I could never move past the idea that it was invented for the board game. If I were you I'd google images and see if there's other maps that fit your campaign better than the official one.
Thanks for the link... in the interim I decided to give creating a map with Hexographer a go.

It diverges somewhat from the adventures, but in case its of use to anyone here is what I came up with -
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