Starting an RPG club in my community

I have been toying around with the idea of starting an RPG club in my community, and I wanted to hear if anyone out there has advice or could point me towards good notes/reference material that they may have seen on the web for going about this, and what the pitfalls might be.

The real reason I am considering this at all, is that I am tired of seeing so many teenagers and 20 somethings out there that have the right interests and intelligence to really shine as RPG'ers, and then realizing that they have never even heard of it before.  I want to reach out to the community and make new players by offering a club that is just different from everything else out there.  My oldest daughter is 14, her best freind is 13 and both are smart enough and mature enough to start playing.  But if I wasn't here to expose them to it, they would have no idea that these fantastical worlds even exist.

1st idea is to try and contact my local highschool (I have 3 daughters, but none of them go there right now) and see if an outsider can run a club with the school, or are teachers the only ones allowed to do that.  If so, maybe I should contact all the teachers and reach out to them to consider starting a club that I could help run.
- Easy way to reach out to my target audience
- Transportation of teenagers to a club outside of school can sometimes really cut into whether than can make it or not, so having it at school means more consistent attendance
- Instant legitimacy since it is a school activity
- Not sure I can do it without faculty help
- Have no idea if my proposed club would be accepted
- Living under someone elses house means you play by their rules
- I would only be able to work with students, no young adults... I would have to be exclusionary based on whether you are a student or not

2nd idea is making a club from scratch and meeting at the local library/community center (free if all members are in my township).
- Pretty much just take the pros and cons from the previous idea and flip them around.

I have been pondering this for only about 1 week or so, which isn't a heck of a lot of time for such a large undertaking, but who knows, maybe you folks can help talk me out of it

Seriously.  Talk me out of this, and comments, thoughts, or advice is very welcome!