KantCon 2011 in Kansas City

Hey, everybody, I'm a lurker on here, but wanted to let you all know about KantCon, a gaming convention in Overland Park in July.

For those of you who don't know, KantCon is all about the tabletop game experience, not just RPGs and board/card games, but all games you play on the tabletop. We've got a great lineup of RPGs, card games,and board games so far, but we'd love to see a bigger turnout for miniatures games at the con, so we can expand it in the future!

We'll also have a Miniatures Paint-n-Take on the Sunday evening of the con, with miniatures provided by Eureka Miniatures, a KantCon Awards ceremony as we did last year for Best Role-Players and some other awards, and we will have even more vendors on site this year!

Our vendors this year will be Gamer Ground, Secret Skeleton Miniatures, Black Blade Publishing, and Silver Gryphon Games.

For those of you who are worried, we have double the amount of space we did last year, with 5,000 square feet now available to us, instead of about 2,600 that we had last year, so we hopefully wont' be packed in like sardines again.

We'll also have at least two open gaming tables available (on a first come, first served basis, of course) through the convention.

We're running a special Pre-Pre-Registration through the 27th of this month, where if you register to attend (via the Kickstarter program), you'll get more raffle tickets than you would normally when regular pre-registration opens on the 28th.

Through Pre-Pre-Registration, you can get some exclusive stuff, like KantCon beer mugs, a special NPC attitude die, and more fun "VIG-esque" stuff.  Check it out!

Additionally, if you Pre-Pre-Register now, and get a friend to do the same, you'll get a free RPG book from the Gamer's Haven Podcast Prize Stack, which includes some D&D 4th Edition, 3rd edition, 3.5, Sword and Wizardry, and other game books.

We've already got prize support from Green Ronin Publishing, Fantasy Flight Games, and more, and more is on the way, so we'll be giving away stuff like we did last year.

If anyone has any questions, please e-mail me.  Take a look at the site to see all the updates so far!

The website is at www.kantcon.com!


Ethan Parker