encounter mob, feedback needed

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need feedback on a hostile NPC, a half orc dark ranger that I'm going to use.
Ugtar, our subject is using 2 battle axes, one flaming and one necrotic (just for flavour ofcourse)

would appriciate any feedbacks, we're talking about group of 5 level 8s (2 leaders, defender, melee striker and ranged striker)

Ugtar, the silent hunter Level 14 Elite Brute

Medium natural humanoid

Initiative +13 Senses Perception +10

wall of blades aura 1; each enemey starting his turn in adjusting hex get hit for 5HP
346; Bloodied 173
AC 26;Fortitude 27; Reflex 26; Will 26
Resist 10 zone Ugtar is skilled in avoiding damage, taking less damage from zone attacks
Saving Throws +2
Speed 6
Action Points 1

M Twin Strike (standard; at-will) • Weapon, Necrotic, Firehitting with both weaponsmelee; hitting hard with both weapons; +17 vs AC; 1d10 + 6 necrotic damage+17 vs AC; 1d10 + 6 fire damage

M Thumping (standard; recharge 4 5 6) • Fear, WeaponUgtar spinning around, hitting with great force his mark, terrifying himmelee; +15 vs Reflex; 3d10 + 6melee; fear following the inital hit; +15 vs Will; The target is running in fear for one round

M The big hit (standard; encounter) • Weapon
Ugthar put his weight in, usuable once he's bloodied
melee; +17 vs AC; 4d10 + 6 +5 ongoing fire damage, save ends

M healing strike (immediate interrupt; recharge 5 6) • Healing
once missed with melee hit, Ugthar lash back, if he hit, he heals
melee; healing strike; +17 vs AC; 1d10 + 6 in addition, Ugthar get 35 HP back

Alignment evil Languages —Str 17 (+10) Dex 17 (+10) Wis 17 (+10)Con 23 (+13) Int 17 (+10) Cha 17 (+10)