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One of my favorite things about Gamma World is what people decide their character weilds in game.

My characters weapond aren't very creative, but in the setting I think they add a lot of character. I weild dual colt revolvers, the character is basically an old west gunslinger type. But my group has some pretty cool stuff.

what we have:
The tail of an anklysaurus (a flail).
An electric guitar.
A winch secured to the arm of an Android.
One character, whose player says he has the body type of a dwarf, weilds a minigun.

So i was just wondering what you use for weapons, and how do you classify them according to the table. An throw in a description of your character if you what.
The most common weapon I've seen in Gamma World seems to be the stop sign.

Slightly off-topic: anyone else notice that Ookla the Mock (from the very Gamma-World-esque 'Thundarr the Barbarian') never had a permanent melee weapon? He always just used whatever heavy item was nearby. A big part of the fun in watching those old cartoons was seeing what he'd grab next...
The most common weapon I've seen in Gamma World seems to be the stop sign.

Yeah, or some variation there of. Like a yield sign or something. The parking meter gets a lot of play also it seems.
pole-mounted hydrant.
My one player, who is running a Wheeled/Nightmare, has a pair of hedge clippers that it holds in its functional forearms next to its front wheels, and throwing stars.

The guy who's running the fetal Alien/Gravity Controller has a wrist-mounted plasma cannon that he can alter on the fly to have the effect of several weapons.

The Temporal/Doppelganger has a gun that shoots miniature time paradoxes, reflecting his Novice ability.

The least interesting is probably the Arachnoid/Pyrokinetic's web bo staff. I think I am going to try to give him a quarter machine mace that spits out capsules that turn into ancient junk for every 10+level points of damage he does per attack.
Our party's loadout looks like this:

+ Plant/Arachnoid: Hedge clippers.

+ Gravity Controller/Radioactive: Airplane propeller, with armor made from the fuselage.

+ Photonic/Mind Breaker: Eye beams, much like Cyclops from the X-Men. Requires her to press both temples to fire.

+ Speedster/Seismic: A modified shotgun that draws gravel his body to use as buckshot.

+ Magnetic/Doppelganger: Railgun built into his arms, so that he can stick any old chunk of metal to his chest, hold both arms out straight, and fire away. Also, a whip made from chainsaw blades.

+ Temporal/AI: He's a little boy whose arm was replaced by a time-travelling cyborg arm, which essentially acts as a temporal anomaly generator that fires (I am not making this up... this the player's idea all the way) tiny Buddha statues snatched from a kitschy souvenir stand in modern-day New York. All this so that he can yell, "Buddha Buddha Buddha!" and pump his fist whenever he fires it. Undecided
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Felinoid/Engineered Human (ninja commando) - Katana (2 handed light melee), 5.56mm M4 assault rifle (2 handed light gun);

Empath/Mind Coercer (lay preacher farmer) - Scythe (2 handed heavy melee), Hatchet (1 handed heavy thrown);

Temporal/Magnetic (former Large Hadron Collider security guard thrown forward in time 150 years during the Big Mistake) - Extendable baton (1 handed light melee), 9mm Glock pistol (1 handed light gun);

Mind Breaker/Shape Shifter (Old West style harlot) - Parasol with sharpened point (2 hand light melee), .22 calibre small frame revolver (1 handed light gun).

My son's radioactive/seismic character uses a salvaged repeating gauss rifle.

My Saurian / Temporal, Jurassic Mark, wields a T-Rex leg bone as a heavy club.
Rad-Cat(TM): Radioactive Felinoid - Uses a sledge hammer, and has a skateboard as a light shield (he also uses it to move around on, especially when he switches from using his claws to the 2-handed sledge).

George: Android Yeti - Uses a parking meter. We figured that his critical bonus to damage is coins flying out of the parking meter on a hit, pelting the target. Why do the coins never run out? *shrug* Who knows?! ;) He uses a big hunting crossbow for a ranged weapon.

Egor: Empathic Mind-Coercer - length of rebar. He has a bunch of golfballs that he bats at targets with the rebar as a ranged weapon.

Madame Blanc: Cryokinetic Reanimator - uses a spear that is half a pair of sharpened garden shears secured to the wooden handle of a rake, and she solidifies daggers of ice out of the air as a thrown weapon.

B'l'OB: Gelatinous Alien - uses a chainsaw that never runs out of fuel.
I run a demon giant who weilds a a primal gord cursed to live his imortal life inside a sheep stripped of his power as a two handed heavy.

Felinoid/Wheeled - Back mounted catapult and claws attached to rings to the wheels (which have replaced the feet)

Simian/Coercer - A barrel of rabid monkeys to throw and fists to pummel.

Giant/Android - Modular arms that transform into weapons/shield (giant robot)

Pyrokinetic/Cryo - Steam

My Seismic Doppelganger Reelz is an archeologist searching for the lost history of the ancients.  He believes movies are recorded history pre-Big Mistake.  He's constantly quoting movies and warning the party of the dire consequences of Terminator and Beverly Hills Cop 2.  Whenever he finds a movie he records it on to his laptop which has a built in projector.  He carries around a portable projection screen which serves as his heavy 2h weapon when rolled up.  He uses laserdiscs for his ranged weapon.  What else are they good for?

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I just ran a game last night in which a Cryokinetic PC fought with swords and javelins made of his own frozen urine.  Yeah.
We've got an electric craving knife - that isn't plugged in, a zombie who hits people with his dismembered arm, a large doll whose button eye dangles on a string which she uses as a ranged weapon, a plastic ghost that chucks stationary at people.....it all gets a bit silly, as is only right and proper. 
I have a cockroach/doppelganger that uses a bazooka and a car bumper. He also has a tendency to hit his enemies with their recently deceased friends!

My favourite part is that I only have 1 shot for the bazooka but I only have my doppelganger use his one so I get unlimited ammo!
In my party, there's someone playing a radioactive rat swarm. His ranged weapon? "Rat-a-pult".

That same character, every time we enter a conversation of any kind with anybody,  is the target of almost universal disgust. He just wants to find more rats!

(I stand by my assertion that a giant rat swarm would just be a badger swarm, or a wolverine swarm) 
My players consist of a Giant/Felinoid wielding a Lawn Mower, and a Doppleganger/Speedster wielding a pressured shirt bazooka. I love this game.
My machine/techology hating Temporal Yeti "Tatonka" uses a bow made from a leaf spring, a high tech, prototype firemans axe that id +3 to hit VS anything metal/stone/wood ish, and the bolas I listed elsewhere but will repost here:



DMG: 1d4 + (2 x LEVEL)
RANGE: (2 + 1/2 STR bonus) squares


HIT = Damage AND Reflex save VS hard DC. Failure means target "restrained" ( see page 85 ) until:

   A) bolas broken: Hard STR save or cut with a blade


   B) untangled: Moderate REF save ends
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