Special Plans for Week 11

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Note: I have readily been running with 6 players up to 9 players for one session. Two of the characters were level 3 last week due to an added encounter I ran early on that involved trapped miners (dungeon delve level 1 excluding the first encounter.) Now I have four characters level 3 and all the rest are level 2.

I plan on upping the content of week 11 by adding a hazard and another crawler. The hazard will be a 20 foot earthquake fissure located between the 1st and 2nd beds. The plan is to have a player character get stunned by the ghouls and then grabbed by a crawler. The crawler will then deposit them into the fissure (nullifying a save attempt due to stun). Even if not stunned, the challenge of constantly being knocked prone by the crawlers movement option and the slide to the pit (save to not go in) should be enjoyable for my story gamers. I will try to keep sending bodies down there throughout the course of the battle. I figure that is where the crawler is before it just appears on the map with no explanation due to its size !!!

I am moving the magic item to the bottom of the pit along with bones from past victims. To bring the chests into play I am going to be including the puzzle note from the LFR adventure Mini1-2. This comes into play because I am doing the incense puzzle trap as the means for the characters to enter the meditation chamber. Once they are inside the meditation chamber, I have decided to add a duergar raid leader to the battle. Its warlord like ranged basic attack combined with the sneaky duergar going invisible will be challenging. Both sneakies will use their standard to go invisible and then one of them will be able to do a free action attack. Round two will allow the second one to attack and move away. The first one will go invisible again and continue free attacking. If it gets to be too damaging, I will have the leader get into melee strictly by accident.