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A couple questions re: Summon Shadow Servant, specifically regarding the shadow beast stat block on page 102 and the shadow wraith stat block on page 106

1) The Shadow Beast gains a bonus to charging speed, but neither the rules for summoning nor the power that summons the monster nor the monster's statblock allow the wizard to command the beast to charge.  Either the speed bonus should be removed, or a special command to make the beast charge should be added.

2) The Shadow Beast on page 102 and Shadow Wraith on page 106 both have half the hit points of the other summoning option of that level, despite not having and particular advantage to to justify it.  Both also seem like they would have the insubstantial quality based on their fluff, though it is absent from their statblocks, leading me to believe that their halved hp (only a quarter of the summoning wizard) may be an artifact of a previous version.  Either their hitpoints should be raised to be the same as the other summoning option for the power at that level, or the insubstantial quality should be added.

A summon with HP = surge value is essentially a minion. Most level appropriate monsters will take it out in a single hit.

Either return their HP to "bloodied value" or grant them the insubstantial property (makes more sense). 
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The description of the powers imply that they can last all day, but nothing in the power permits them to ignore the Summoning keyword's restriction on only lasting until the end of the encounter.

If they can last longer, they should actually state so directly. 
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