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First of all, if this has been done I apologize. A link in the right direction would be all I ask in that case. Anyway, onward -

Obviously a well plated warforged of some kind is your first response, but I was thinking about a slightly less simple method of building a character themed around the original concept of The Terminator (unstoppable, inexorable death machine - rip off its legs and it keeps coming!) The idea here is I want to see how deathless you can make a character specifically - not how resistant to damage or forced movement or ongoing effects you can be. I want it to get hit with everything the bad guy can throw, take all the damage, and get right back up the next round and I don't want it to be because the bad guy missed or dealt no damage. I figure there might even be some efficiency in this because you only die at -bloodied, but heal from 0, any damage below 0 you take is effectively wasted if it doesn't actually kill you. How much efficiency? Probably not a lot, don't bother discussing that, this is mostly for flavor not being the best tank I can be.

So, can anybody help me out with a character who's the best at death saves for each tier of play? What about if there was a "mechanic" that followed the terminator around and helped out, what then? (Healing back to > 0 is obvious so of course your inspiring word or whatnot will work, but try to keep it to saving throws).

Some stuff I've already found that may be of help:

Warforged obviously have their "roll or 10" death save mechanic making them a good starting point.
Deva can add a d6 to a saving throw with I think no action (does this affect death saves? Does "can take no action while unconscious" override their ability to use it?)
Revenant is a zombie(ish), of course it has racial features that support fighting around death.
Human gets lots of bonuses to saving throws. I dunno how much those affect death saves.

I imagine class wise you'd want something that maximizes hitpoints and healing surge value if at all possible, since the core mechanic here is rezzing after being knocked unconscious.

A list of all the feats I could find that give bonuses to saving throws (that would be at all relevant - a heal and a saving throw is useless in this case since you'd get up from the heal, and an extra saving throw is no good if it just means you'll fail it and die harder). A lot of these only grant bonuses to allies and many of them can't be stacked over each other (the list might also not be entirely complete) -

Other: Unnatural Mantle (Revenant, ardent, Ardent Mantle),
Divine Fate (Revenant, Channel Divinity),
Eyes of Selune (Channel Divinity, worship Selune)
Tymora’s Coin (Channel Divinity, worship Tymora)
Shared Memories (Deva, Warlord)
Markings of the Blessed (Goliath)
Unfailing Vigor (no prereq - necessary feat IMO since it allows you to get up on 18+)
Helpful Hint (Halfling, Psion, Send Thoughts power)
Immortal Resilience (11th level, Immortal Skill, deva)
Commander’s Memory (11th level, deva, warlord)
Timely Revival (21st level, human, martial class)

Untyped: Courageous Example (no prereq) 
Saving Breath (Con 13, Bard, Majestic Word power),
Avandra’s Boon (Divine class, must worship Avandra),
Astral Exlier (Deva, artificer, shielding elixir power),

Power Bonus: Pulse of Life (channel divinity, worship deity in Life domain) 
Invoke Resilience (Human Invoker),
Rose King’s Fallen Petals (bard or cleric, proficiency with Longsword),
Angharradh’s Favor (Channel Divinity class feature, worship Angharradh),
Chauntea’s Blessing (Channel Divinity, worship Chauntea),

Feat Bonus:
Psionic Fortune (Psionic Augmentation class feature)
Fated Survival (11th level, Cha 13)
Eerie Resurgence (21st level, revenant)

So, anyone have any ideas for the most deathless character (and potentially his companion) possible?

EDIT - So far I've figured, I think, that some combo of Human with Heroic Effort, Unfailing Vigor, Resilient Focus, Imperishable Destiny, Stubborn Survivor and if necessary Die Hard. Assuming a lot of those general saving throw bonuses can be applied specifically to death saves (I don't see why not but I guess I'll have to ask somebody from Wizards about it to be sure), it looks like you can hit a reviving death save on 18 -2 feat bonus -2 untyped no action points -1 per milestone reached = at most 14 normally, and with the 15 instead of 18 on the last one from die hard you'll get up on an 11 at most (again -1 per milestone). Assuming you can use Heroic Effort on those saves that's another -4 racial bonus which plants us at... 10+ or 7+, minus 1 per milestone reached since last extended rest, respectively? That's pretty good to have a 50% chance to pop back up, anybody come up with anything better? (Also if any of those wouldn't work now would be the time to tell me :p)

One of the best is this: it requires a Revenant(Shadar-Kai) but once it hits level 26 (I think) he becomes effectively impossible to kill.  I used the same strategy with my Gravedigger build.
Although I haven't updated them in a couple of years, I did do a line of builds, The Terminator Models,
that were inspired by the Terminator movies.  They were built with durability in mind, but being unkillable wasn't really a goal.  If you want unkillable, I'd go with the Undying Warrior epic destiny.

You might also want to check out The Machine, another warforged build.
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