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Hey guys,

It's been a little while since I've chatted with the folks on here, it's been over a month since not only we've played D&D but also since I've been on these boards. We've been busy decorating, had a million commitments stealing all our time, planning our wedding & my Daughter celebrating her birthday, the time has just flown by & before I realised it - I had almost forgotten about my favourite hobby which I love

So.....I need to dedicate some serious time again to my D&D adventures! I had an idea which I thought would be kinda fun for everyone, & also inspiring for me to get me kick started back into action again!

Everyone please share, what's your biggest inspiration on D&D? What inspired you to get in to it in the first place? What inspires you now to keep the passion going for this past-time we all share?....& love? If you were to give one piece of inspirational advice to anyone regarding the joys of D&D - what would it be?

Will be great to hear what you all have to say!
....now post away!!!!!
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I have but one word of advice for you.


If you haven't already, read through the Eberron Campaign Setting.  Heck, if you have, do it again.  If you acquaint yourself with the setting well enough to have a general grasp of it, the inspiration will come to you.  I can't watch a movie these days without automatically figuring out where and when it would be taking place in Khorvaire and just how awesome that plot would be.  Not to mention all of the plot hooks and ideas you'll get while you read about the setting.  If you come away from reading through the ECS with fewer than a dozen individual adventure ideas and at least three campaign ideas, I'll eat my hat1. 

1 Figuratively, of course; I love this hat.
(I employ zie/zie/zir as a gender-neutral counterpart to he/him/his. Just a heads-up.) Essentials definitely isn't for me as a player, and I feel that its design and implementation bear serious flaws which fill me with concern for the future of D&D, but I've come to the conclusion that it isn't going to destroy the game that I want to play. Indeed, I think that I could probably run a game for players using Essentials characters without it being much of a problem at all. Time will tell, I suppose.
The ECS is indeed a good place to start.  I haven't run an Eberron campaign in years, but just looking over some of the overviews of a region or specific locations usually gives me plenty of ideas on what I can do when and where I've got my party.

Also, music is a big part of my creative process.  My players and I share vastly different tastes in music, so I don't really play "mood music" for them that much, but a muscial piece may well send my mind racing with ideas and it'll usually be playing in my head when I'm putting them to use in game.

Lemme get you started:  "You know that new sound you're looking for? Well, listen to this!"   Mmmmm... pop culture references.

Pop culture itself is ripe for scavenging ideas from, and I've been known to actually build an entire campaign by looking at my internet browsing history--especially on days I got roped into tvtropes.com.  (No!  Don't go look now...  wait until you have like... two days to kill.)

Occasionally, I'll build an adventure based on the Murphy Principle.  Crack open a book, find something that looks nifty. (terrain feature, magic items, etc.)   The more benign, the better.  Now ask yourself "what is the most horrific way in which this could go wrong?"  This isn't so much about creating permanent cursed items your players will forever have to deal with, but more about creating short-term situations, like a mercenary using breach armor to covertly take revenge on a company that owes him months worth of wages, or a Bloodstone formation deep within a cave that's not quite right, and slowly mutates the flesh of living things that approach, even as it heals them.

If you're looking for horror, google "the SCP Foundation."
Jackonomicon™ It's not always safe for work, but it's great for play. It's my blog, yo.
What first got me into fantasy was Tolkein's The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.  That was my first exposure to fantasy as a kid and I've loved it ever since.  I've deversified into many other styles and sub-genres of fantasy since then.  After LOTR, I read the original Conan stories, Lankhmar, and anything else I could get my hands on.  Like Red Jack, music also gets the gears turning.

I'll also recommend the Eberron Campaign Guide.  I know you aren't running an Eberron game, but there are tons of great ideas in that book.  Eberron manages to pay tribute to what you think of as fantasy while challenging what you'd expect fantasy to be.  Not to mention that Eberron blends seamlessly into any style of play.  So you'll find all kinds of interesting ideas on organizations, villains, complex characters, adventure hooks and so on.  Be warned though, you may end up switching to an Eberron game

Books that have inspired at one time or another:
The Princess Bride
A Game of Thrones (actually the whole A Song of Fire and Ice series)
The Icewide Dale Trilogy

From the list above: LOTR and Princess Bride

I could go on and on.  That's just the tip of the iceberg really.  Once I'm in the mood to write, from watching some cool movies or reading a good chapter of a book, I'm off and running. 
Thanks guys

I'm really keen now to try out Eberron! I think when we've finished the game we're doing at the moment I'll definitely look in to that one, so thank you for the tip!
I've started reading the LOTR books again as well, as they are fantastic inspiration aren't they! Really get's you in to that fantasy mind-set. It's just so frustrating isn't it, when the 'real life' stuff takes over - I'm really struggling lately to find a decent amount of time for D&D, to either play a game with the family, or even just to spend some time on here, on the boards! It's driving me mad! I really need to allow myself more time I think to do the things I enjoy - which is for me without a doubt D&D! - & worry less about the boring stuff lol! x
.....bringing sexy into D&D since 2010! ;)
Anybody of you had been read / is watching A song of Ice and Fire? (A game of Thrones, etc.)
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