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Hello everyone. As the title of the thread says, I'm looking to start up an online based play group using a virtual tabletop program.

If anyone is interested please reply or send me a message on my profile. My goal at this time is to see if anyone is interested whether they be a player or a DM. If we can get enough people who'd like to start up a group (4 minimum)  then we can work out the logistics. Looking forwards to hearing from people : ) 
I think you have no replies because you're a little short of info- like what medium do you want to play over.

PbeM, PbP, Skype, MSN, etc...

I realize the specifics of the game you want to leave to the group- but at least an idea of what you have in mind would help attract others... 
I'm new to D&D. I have listened to the entire Penny Arcade Pod cast series with Chris Perkins and I have seen all of the Chris Perkins games on YouTube, so I am familiar with the style of D&D. I have also been reading all of the core books a lot. The DMG, PHB 1 & 2, and I also have The Monster Vault from the essentials line. I have a play mat from Chessex and the Dungeon Tile Master sets from the Essentials line as well.

I'm prepared, but inexperienced at the game. I am looking for an opportunity to "get my feet wet" and play some 4e. I am interested in trying to DM.
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