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I don't know if this has been called out already in another thread, but in the CB, for the Essentials builds Thief and Slayer, their level 3 upgrades aren't reflected on the CB character sheets (either the essential or classic character sheets) at all.  The Thief doesn't show that they have gained the ability of improved backstab, the slayer doesn't show any of its lvl 3 abilities at all, not improved power strike, quick swap or mighty slayer.  The lack of these is bad, especially Mighty Slayer since that will make ALL of the Slayer's power card damage calculations incorrect without it being factored in.   Thanks.


Looking at the update to the character builder and checking my lvl 3 Slayer, I see that Improved Power Strike now shows up along with a description in of what it does, however, Mighty Slayer and Quick Swap are still not listed anywhere on the character sheet, nor is the benefit of Mighty Slayer reflected in the damage calculations on the melee basic power card. 
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