04/08/2010 TWTW: "A Flores Grows in Brooklyn"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's The Week That Was, which goes live Friday morning on magicthegathering.com.

It appears everyone ran the same deck with slight variations, when its considered "innovating" when you add 2 or 3 cards I think we have a problem. I like legacy better since I there are more than 2 main decks, and rouge decks stand a chance (tezzeret affinity for example)
who cares? anybody can mount a top tier deck and ride to victory with a little luck. I only read these for the truly inovative ideas that make for a good read which this artical is lacking. A newb, a consistant deck and a bunch of LUCK = ?. I stopped playing standard because of the money pit it became. I still run a few of the leg decks I built back in the day be they could be upgraded which cost money. EDH is were its at.
I was pleasantly surprised by the contents of the Venn diagrams. It's nice to see that even two Caw-Blade decks can have very little in common.
im so sick of seeing jace.
yeah hes a good card but u can win without him seriously i have a deck  thats 54/4 in standerd with no jaces or swords. in fact its w/u/g. no land fall none of that prim time bs.
its as if hes the new ravinger. when was that last time u saw a deck without jace on the winning board for top 8.
hes a plauge.
i have YET to see a jace on my opponents feild vs my 54/4 deck NE ONE who wants my list email me at

help me end this craze
help me kill this planes walker wrath of tyrany thre the closed minnded people who cant build there own decks
this whole artical was about a mirror match and thats sad
anybody can mount a top tier deck and ride to victory with a little luck.

I would just like to remind everyone that this is false. 

EDH is where its at.


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Disregard women acquire chase rares.
There are a lot of dudes for whom this is not optional.
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How;s a 2 drop 1/2, Flying broken? What am I missing?
You're missing it because *turns Storm Crows sideways* all your base are belong to Chuck Norris and every other overused meme ever.
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