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I'm going to be running my first session tomorrow with a new group using 4e. However, we're planning on running the The World's Largest Dungeon...just converting it as we go along. Has anyone tried this at all or have any tips/tricks that would help? Thanks in advance! Laughing
That's 3e, correct? Are you using equivalent monsters from 4e sources, or merely running the 3e monsters against 4e characters?
4e monster equivalents.
This really isn't about 3e/4e conversion, but a friend of mine ran that massive thing a few years ago, and there are some things to be aware of.  Be sure to read ahead with an eye to tactics and logic.  I recall one instance, for example, where a room that was only 4 by 4 squares supposedly had four minotaurs in it.  Granted, being Large creatures, they technically fit in the room, but there was no way combat could have occurred.

That's just an example, and I don't remember it being a constant problem...just a head's up.
Oh that's a simple fix - reduce them to Medium-size, and adjust accordingly

I always passed on that, seeing as how I had always read it was an incredibly boring dungeon overall and Undermountain was well worth tracking down instead A few friends took a look at it and determined there really was very little feasible way to run it without really needing to add in mechanics to support a prolonged dungeon crawl . . . 

Heck, my FLGS wouldn't even let me LOOK at it unless I was serious about buying it, and the thing cost about as much as four splatbooks I wanted for fleshing out character options.

And finally? If I wanted to run a mega-scaled dungeon, I would spend six months and build it from scratch after sounding out for players interested in running . . . in essence . . . a dungeon with no known extent. 3e had this lovely spell called "Create Food and Water", I think . . . making it feasible if you took a cleric along. 4e it becomes one heck of a resource management issue.

It might be fun though. 
world's largest dungeon? make one even bigger is what i always say. first time i saw the full map of undermountain, my first thought was... i must make this bigger and better. so i redesigned undermountain from the ground down.

started doing this almost ten years ago when i was 13, and i now have a full 3.5e undermountain totaling nearly 100 pages of maps and 200 pages of monsters/adventures/items/NPC's and i am woking on a 4e undermountain that can be used in any campaign setting and i am up to 40 pages already and getting bigger.

 if you plan to make it bigger and better... don't go overboard or it will consume you, lol. but it could be epic.
I'm currently running a 4e conversion of WLD on Myth-Weavers through Pbp. I'm basically converting each room as they get to it (since I have the luxury of time with a Pbp). Though I'd love to see your conversion notes for my own reference later if you post them somewhere (or have copies you can e-mail me).
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