Anyone else think the card rotation needs fixed?

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I have heard a very reasonable arguement for a Invasion block forward Extended.

I have seen the PTQ numbers and they are horrid. If wizards wants Extended to feed the Pro Tour then maybe they need to fix the main format for qualifacation. 

The weird thing is, Wizards changed the extended format due to a low turnout at events, however in the UK, the biggest turnout for events were always extended PTQ's. Now they changed it, no-one really cares that much. Not sure how it is in the rest of the world, but the difference between standard and extended is too small for many people to care about.

Once Lorwyn goes next seasonm, there will be almost no interesting cards in the format.
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Yep. I remember when the e xtended board had at least 100 regular posters and tons of randoms.

But then again you had decks like NLU, CAL, Madness, Thresh, Psycotog and a host of others.

Look at how popular Legacy has become. Legacy has a cap on the format in the form of the reserved list. Eventually wizards will either need to reprint reserved cards, do away with the list all together or watch players simply leave the game.

There are so many great cards and strategies that could be utilized, but aren't due to the Legacy power cards.

Nobody will be interested in newly printed dual lands so long as the original remain. So you made a counterspelll? Is it free? Well then nobody wants to play it.

I just think its a mistake to have such a small format. 
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