Thoughts my my idea for quick and dirty boost to run Famine for 6 people

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Ok, so due to some RL stuff, our 3.5 DM needs a break from DMing.  He has some stuff going on that he just can't put the time in to setting up and running our campaign, so I'm offering to run some Gamma World in the meantime as our group doesn't want to stop playing.  And as I have never ran anything before I wanted to run the prebuilt campaign to get my feet wet.

Problem is, our group is 7 people, counting the DM.  And what I've seen, 5 experienced players can do a pretty hefty murder job on the campaign anyways.  So, my thoughts were to do one of two things for the encounters, depending on the encounters.

1. If the encounter is a small number of creatures (the boss / sub boss type encounters) or a large number of creatures but with few minions, given them all a level or two boost.  I figure this should be easy enough, since levels for PCs more or less give +1 across the board and +5 hp.  So for monsters, this should be easy enough, just add +1 to all the damages and saves and give the bonus to HP

2. If the encounter is a fight that has a lot of minions, add a duplicate of one of the non-minion creatures, and just add a level to the minions.

The reason I think these ideas will work out well, is that it gives me a quick, consistent mod to the game that I can also adjust if someone can't make it by going back to the original setup.  (One of our members isn't consistently available due to work.)

Any other ideas from the more experienced crowd for a new DM to bump up the campaign to match an additional player?  Like I said, except for me, and one other guy, everyone else has been playing D&D and other games for many years.  So even if I boost the difficulty even further, which I have some ideas on how to pull off that'll be fun, they're more likely to enjoy the challenge.  Thanks for any help.
Here are some ideas on scaling the adventure in the core book that might inspire similar thoughts on Far-Go:

In most cases you just have to add an extra monster or two. It's actually harder to scale up the monsters on the fly because you'll have to remember to add that +1 to everything, recalculate the bloodied values, etc.

An extra player in Famine in Far-Go is probably worth a boost of 200 to 300 XP for most encounters. So just choose an extra monster or two in that approximate range and you should be good to go.

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For what it's worth, I believe the official rules for scaling up the encounters in the D&D Encounters series state that for every player over 5, the DM should add one more of the lowest-level non-minion monster. In most cases, that's going to give you approximately the right power boost for your encounter.

On the off chance that you're running a solo and a horde of minions, I'd suggest you add 4 minions of the party's level per extra player. (If the party has a lot of area attacks, you may want to use up to 6 minions per extra player.) Or add a henchman... a soldier or skirmisher of the party's level who acts as an aide or pet to the solo, primarily focusing on trying to provide combat advantage for it. This should scale your encounter appropriately in most cases without needing any on-the-fly math.
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