Dungeon 188 - Eye on Dark Sun (Mahindrazal)

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Wow, this one slipped in under my radar.  I didn't see it on the front page; I only managed to find it by going to the Dungeon issue page itself.

Anyway, it's short & sweet.  It's more a site than anything else, with a few very cool unique monsters.  I look forward to springing this on my Dark Sun players in the upcoming weeks; it fits right into the level range, and will work pretty darn well with how things are going.  It's remarkably well-suited to drop in just about anywhere.

So, if I'm reading Zindriel's stat block correctly, she has incentive to attack downed PCs in order to convert them to slaves?  Because I'm assuming that failing three death saves after being hit by one of her psychic attacks isn't sufficient.

BTW, very cool article.
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i am linking to this thread as the official discussion thread.

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 Dungeon 188
Eye on Dark Sun: The Mahin'drazal

by Rodney Thompson

Few things are what they seem in this apparently restful, welcoming caravanserai.

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really, really enjoying this. very well designed synergy between the creatures and i like how they give the dm lots of leeway with how tough you can play them. only thing i would change is level up the minions a bit so they have a chance to hit. but, then again, they are basically meat shields for Zindriel. good fluff as usual. dark sun support is pretty consistently high quality

good job rodney
I'm confused by the poison.

{effect} (save ends). A successful saving throw has no effect against this condition, but a failure worsens it. 

Uh. What?

If a successful save "has no effect on this condition", then what does the "(save ends)" mean?  That you can stop making saves to see if it gets worse?  If te effect can't be ended by a saving throw, then how long does it last?  Until the end of the encounter?  Until a short or extended rest?  Permanently?
It means that if you save nothing happens, while still needing to make saves and if you fail - the condition simply gets worse. I am not sure about how long it would last though, maybe until the end of the encounter? That could definitely use a clarification.
While its not totally clear, you're eventually going to fail a saving throw, meaning that you're eventually going to fall unconscious for 8 hours (or until someone damages you).  So I guess it lasts 8 hours.
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makes sense to me

I liked it. Pretty solid.

Cookie Mr. Thompson !

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