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I just renewed Insider on the 18th of March,  today i got an email telling me that my old subscription had been cancelled, but I can't access Insider, even though under my order history it shows an active subscription.  I have to post here because customer service is not working.  I use insider a lot and hate to think I wasted $71.40.  Please help.
Your post shows you as having an actrive subscription. Was your problem resolved?
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Yes it was. Sorry about the slow reply.
This same thing just happened to me today. 

What was the fix?  Was it automatic or did someone have to do something? 

Same problem. I can not login to d&dinsider and/or launch the character builder or compendium.

The website is not detecting that Silverlight is installed (confirmed via MS Silverlight page ):

The version of Silverlight installed is:
Silverlight 5 (5.0.61118.0)

You are ready to use Microsoft Silverlight 

Can't justify having this subscription if I can't use it... 
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