Anyone up for an online GW game?

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I put up a few posters at my FLGS, but no takers, so I thought I'd try you guys. I've got a setting ready, with a few campaign ideas, and I've DM'd 4e, so I think I'm ready to DM Gamma World. It's set in a post-BM NYC, with little fiefdoms through the greater metropolitan area. I call it "King of the Hipsters."

If you're interested, check out my recruitment page:

(For those worried about Wave, let me assure that it works great for gaming, and that the servers will be moved over to Apache in the middle of the year. Anyone with a Google account should be able to get in, but shoot me a PM if that's not the case.) 
I am up for any type of game at this point. 
Looking through all the Waves of setting detail I recieved when I joined today I cannot wait till this game gets going.  We need at least 3 more people.
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