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My players are in an undeground complex having just defeated an AI. The complex is being slowly irradiated. I was going to get two of the megamat vinyl boards and draw a connected tunnel that leads to the surface. I'll show this by slowly rolling up the long mats to denote unpassable radiation, and the edge of the roll will have an Aura 5 radiation field with some level appropriate damage.

The catch is that they don't have their Omega tech or other possessions; they were taken from them when they were captured and brought to the AI. I'm going to use my smaller vinyl mat to contain a few rooms off of the tunnel if they choose to try to open these rooms looking for their stuff. How quickly should I roll up the mat? A friend suggested rolling a d4 or d6-1 every player turn. I'll be having robot minions populating this encounter as well, mostly melee but some ranged with Will attacks to reprogram the players.

Any other advice as well? I will reward my players with more omega tech in another encounter soon, so if they fail to find their stuff, it's not a big deal. I just wanted to have a new style of encounter that gave an incredible sense of urgency.
A d4 or d6 seems an appropriate speed, but I would make it at the end of every round instead of per player character. If there are going to be minions, there will probably be combat as well, so it's unlikely that the characters will have a chance to double-move to escape. Furthermore, if they decide to "run," they open themselves up to combat. That way the player with the lowest initiative isn't constantly taking damage and they might be able to do some sort of power play so that someone taking point can defensively block someone in the back that takes a double move to gain some ground.

In regards to "other possessions," I worry that that means their weapons and armor in addition to the tech. In that event I'd have those somewhat more easily accessible, maybe in a locker or small room, and keep the tech a little bit further out of reach to make it riskier to get.

G'luck! Sounds like good times.
You could also have some fun with a Skill Challenge if you're so inclined: Success = Recovering Gear, Ammo, and Omega Tech if you're so inclined.
The obvious primary skill would be Mechanics for lockers or Science for Computers, but you could also use Interaction with an AI program (make him quirky for comic relief!), Athletics for those just looking to bash open locks, or Conspiracy to guess a password.

Fails couldĀ  result in minions being alerted, Alpha fluxes as waves of radiation wash over them, or something else annoying but not life-threatening.

Have fun!


I have Dm'd that game and it went quite well. I used 2d4-1 to roll how quickly the radiation advances, and it seemed to be a good rate.

DanTheS-I had rooms contain further quest anchors and their old gear, as well as minion activation traps that they managed to avoid. Good ideas though!
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