DM Player Dilemma

I have a problem or two or three, Im DMing a game using the Pathfinder as a base book and other 3.5 books as supplements. My player J for simplicity wants and has created a Drow-Gesalt Character who is going to be Chaotic Evil. He also has created a Morg barbarian from the Liberius Bood of Undead as a tag along as a sheild mate for the drow fighter/wizard Gesalt (from unearthed arcana). I need to know what LA their characters, are and what ECL is would be? Does anyone know to count the Gesalt as two class levels?It does not say so in Unearthed Arcana  According to the monster manual 3.5 drow are LA +2, the Gesalt lets you play two base characters mixed at one level, noting all restrictions of each character. So Im guessing his LA is 3, his ECl is 3 also. I read about the Gesalt characters and can find nothing on LA about them, which is not the problem, the problem is trying to figure the ECL. I think it should be 5 or 4 if you count the Gesalt as 1 level. Since he will be the highest character ECL wise, I need to kinda get a grip for the other characters. If you know something about the Gesalt characters from Unearthed Arcana on level adjustments or encounter character levels let me know.
 It also says in the monster manual 3.5 that drow can handle 1 more CR then normal and it says in the Unearthed Arcana that Gesalts can handle 2 more CR then normal. So if the ECL is 5, the CR should be 8 just for the drow. The morg as his companion shieldmate has no LA, other then the barbarian class he took, so his LA is 1, his ECL will be 5 if he matches the drow. So for the both of them they will have a CR 13 as far as monsters going against them, does it sound right?
The next guy Steve is playing a Gesalt-sorceror. figher Incubus off Savage Species with the levels broken down by division. He is also running a derugar fighter.  So his LA is 2, and if I counted the Gesalt as 2 levels (wish I can get an official ruling on this) his ECLis 5 or will be if I let all characters have ECL of 5. The duregar has no natural LA but a class level so his LA is 1. His ECL will be 5 and he can handle an CR+1 for 6 +5 for the Incumbus for a CR of 11 as a team.
 The next guy Jacob is playing a Gesalt Armor Mage, which I just realized it says in the Unearth Arcana it says variant classes from this book only, not complete mage. Anyway he is playing a neutral whisper gnome with no natural LA, plus 2 for Gesalt +1 for Armor Mage for La of 3 if I let him keep the Armored Mage from Complete Mage.
ECL of 5 also and Gasalt can handle 1 level more of CR for a CR of 6. So 13 CR +11CR +6CR=30 and if I divided that by 3, does a CR of 10 sound reasonable against these 5 characters?

My second problem you can see is the alighnment of CE and NE of the drow. I told them if they plan on going into a town and wrecking it then I will not roll the numbers out, will just have the town overwhelm them and kill them off. The guy playing the drow made comments if his comrades fail a listen check he will try to kill them, he took alot of information from drow of the underdark 3.5, course I pointed out there is no way to know playerwise of a commrade failing a listen check, other then that player doesnt hear anything. I get the feeling though they say they dont want to wreck the campaign that they will try (their players after all). I really like the ideals of classes they put together and I think I can send enough monsters after them. I let them choose Bloodlines out of the Unearthed Arcana too, though I thinking of saying No major bloodlines to about 10th level. I wasnt there when they picked the Bloodlines and cant be sure they rolled into the Magor Bloodlines. Even if they didnt cheat, it is obvious they are trying to min/max as they picked titan and dragon bloodlines. Yes I know they have to take a bloodline level or suffer 20% experience.

I need someones honest opinion on this and to double check my facts on what I mentioned above. Is this a group of adventures that is going to cause untold trouble for a DM. I done made it clear if their intention is to wreck a campaign, I simply will pick up my books and go home and they can go back to the same three people that they started with. I would do the same if was a new character and they simply were out to kill me. Their a good group of guys, and the one guy who DM for us a couple weeks ago seemed fair, they say he likes playing drow alot and it seems by his tone saying his drow was CE and that was the only way to play him, and I can see his point. But I also get the feeling hes been a DM too long and is thinking of revenge. I might be wrong. 
What would be some ideals to get this group going campaign wise. I thought of making the world or country their in like a CE also. I dont want to go down the road of sending a bunch of holy orders after them right now, maybe later. Despite the min/max assuredly in the characters, to a degree, they have decent scores, but not overly so, I like to see this work, it kinda reminds me in a way of war of the spider queen series.  Any facts on the Gesalt from Unearthed Arcana, if I got the LAs and ECls right or wrong and CRs plus any advice would be helpful. Also any agreeing with me if I'm right would be helpful too!