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I'm a guy in his mid-20s who's new to the Antelope Valley and D&D, and I'm looking for a 4th edition group that's perhaps starting a new campaign soon. I've read the handbooks and have the supplies, now I just need the people to play with. Send me a message if you're starting a new group or campaign and need players; I'd love to be one!
Hey Spain 100. I have been playing D&D for about 15 years now. I live in Lancaster myself and am looking for a few players as well. I want to start a campaign but im particular of who I play with. Please text me at 661-206-6155. I hope to find at least 2 other players other than yourself. Let me know but. My name is Jeff.
Hey guys. I live in the AV as well and have been looking for a group for a very long time. If either of you still play or would like to play, send me a message. Thanks.
Guessmdk, could you make a game in Yucuipa at all? I'm looking run a game on Tuesday nights. Otherwise, if you still can't get a game together see if Victorvalley College has a gaming club. There used to be a gaming store called the Dragon's Den (don't know if it's still there) up there somewhere as well by Apple Valley.
Nope. I have a very unreliable truck and any trips longer then 15 minutes worries me. I would really like to find a group thats in Lancaster, Palmdale, Acton or Quartz Hill.
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