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My DM and I differ in opinion on how "Create Your Own Character" and "Use the Character Builder" are to be applied...

He is convinced that they are mutually exclusive and you can only get one or the other...

I am sure that they are seperate awards and can both be earned...


  In season one and season three they were both seperate awards that info was straight from Chris Tulach when I asked him about it.
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I count them as seperate rewards. I don't know why he would be stingy as the store already has the rewards cards to give to players.
Point blank, he is wrong.
I've given both awards to my players.
They are seperate rewards that you can earn for using both.  Several of my players made their own characters using the books.  Once the CB was fully updated one of them got an account and printed out characters using the CB.  Thus each reward applies. 

Bear in mind not everyone will have access to the CB (though WotC would love they did!).  If the DM is refusing your award (assuming the Renoun is the issue) you can always take the issue up with the Event Organizer (usually the store owner).  If that fails, you can contact WotC directly and see what they can offer.  Or better yet have you DM contact them.

Remember, WotC wants players to earn their rewards... but it also wants to make sure players can get them too!
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