MidSouthCon (March 25-27, Memphis, TN)

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In case any of you will be around, I have scheduled a Gamma World game session at MidSouthCon (Memphis, TN) this weekend (March 25-27). I will be running my Quest of the One-Armed Robot adventure. I created pre-generated level 1 characters for the game which can be downloaded here. The characters run the gambit from serious to silly. (I plan on letting the players pick their style.) You might even recognize a few of the characters Wink The game is currently listed on the schedule at 7:00 PM on Saturday.

As a side note, I have also scheduled game sessions of Munchkin (with the new Munchkinomicon), Munchkin Zombies, and Paranoia.

Have fun!
I completed my event posters. If you want to take a look, check 'em out here.

Tomorrow I leave for the con. Hope everyone enjoys Gamma World on Saturday!

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