Dragon 397 - Confessions of a Full-Time Wizard: Head of the Class

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Dragon 397
Confessions of a Full-Time Wizard: Head of the Class

by Shelly Mazzanoble

We love it when TV portrays D&D in a way that's both accurate and entertaining.

Talk about this Article here.

The Community episode brought up the subject of D&D at work--a police briefing, no less. Several guys admitted to having played in the past...and most of them said they would play again of they had the time! How's that for PR?
I shall have to get round to watching that show when it's finally syndicated on UK Freeview.
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I watched it later on Hulu, and I have to say I was a bit concerned at first because of the all the ridiculous crap D&D often takes in the mainstream... but boy, was I pleasantly surprise!

It was the first time I watched Community, and it was funny as hell!  They even managed to present D&D is a fun, entertaining, dare I say, approachable way.  Talk about a victory for our favorite hobby!

So yeah, pretty much what Shelly said, that's how I felt too about that episode.  Outstanding :D

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Being tired of the Cheeto Stained, Self-Loathing D&D Player Stereotype is a big part of why I wrote Of Dice and Men in the first place; nice to see something else a bit closer to reality making its way into the popular culture.
As much as I'm happy for Wizards for getting the positive mention on NBC, and as much as I continue to appreciate Shelley for all she does for D&D (including helping introduce my daughter to the game...thank you!), I can't shake my bemused feeling.  Every time D&D gets a mention in some other media, this site and some parts of the wider community get excited.  Why?  I can see wanting D&D to grow, but do we think MLB or NFL goes all a-flutter when they see themselves on television?  (Hmm.  Maybe some athletes do!)

Were we playing this game to gain social acceptance, beyond the most excellent group of people we play with, and the other excellent people who make up this internet community?  Yes, make the community larger.  But to borrow a different game's metaphor: let's act like we've been in the end zone before.

I prefer the articles that encourage us to be creative, support each other, and have fun.  I'm less interested in those celebrating media moments.

Best wishes to all at Wizards, and in this community, for much fun in their next game! 
It was cool to hear a person at WoTC commenting NBC's approach and their feeling towards having D&D featured on a TV show like Community. The show made me laught a lot.

I liked being Behind-The-Scened on it.

 I actually got harassed at my previous workplace for being a player. Snide remarks from management persons who were "supposed" to be leaders. I've been a D&D player for over 30 years and seen and heard it all. I would have expected more from people of an adult age. I think I may put too much faith in humanity and maturity from some people.
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