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I edit my posts a lot, and I've had a problem recently (the last few weeks I think) with edits disappearing a few minutes after I've completed them.  I make the edit, sometimes extensive, and it shows at first.  Then I go to edit my post again a few minutes later and the original text comes up, and I've lost the original edit.  It's possible I've been actually saving based on the original text at this point, which would of course result in the original text replacing my edit, but I'm not sure that is the case.  Either way, there's still an issue if the edit is returning the original text instead of my edited text in the first place.

Anyone else bumped into this, or is it just me?  (Usually when I ask this question the result is it's just me.  ;) )
I seem to remember the old forum doing this and it was said that it was an indexing problem.
I'll keep a lookout for this with my posts.
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It's happening to me as well.  I'll edit, post, see the edit and then find it gone later.  Or, occasionally, I'll edit, post and the new post will not have the edited stuff in it.  You are not alone, my child. 
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It has happened to me as well.  Really annoying when trying to edit a handbook.

Usually what I notice is similar to what zombiebabies describes as sometimes happening.  I edit a post and then go back a few minutes later to re-edit the same post and the orginal changes are gone.

 It happened once to me as well - I edited a post and the text I added didn't show up, but then I hit the edit button again and it showed the text as being in pace, so I hit submit and the text finally showed up in the post.


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I've had that same happen Mad_Jack.  The edited text is in the second edit (but not in the post) ... but submitting my new edit sometimes it takes both edit and other times neither.
As I posted in the similar thread on the Magic side, I've reported this to Michelle, so she's aware of the issue and should be working to fix it. It may be a part of a wider problem I've noticed, another symptom of which is outlined here.

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Happen often to me as well.

Today, an EDIT was partially Strikethrough, precisely a part of a sentence. Weird.

Same thing has been happening to me over the past couple days.  I'll make an edit to add a paragraph, and *poof* it's gone on the update.

I did see one of my edit-updates appear several hours afterwards.  Perhaps there's some kind of weird delay?

Never had this problem before.

It often enter is some sort of default mode where i cant put smiles, Bold or strikethrough or anything, and the font is Time New Roman usually when it do this typing.

Like right now...(Not the post layout once sent, but while typing)

Today, first post i Edited was erased completly except for 3 words of the first sentence and left my signature strikethroughed. You cannot even touch your signature while posting usually ???
Yesterday I had an edit that took four tries to complete.  Seriously, four.  I edited, saw the edit, submitted and it was gone when the post popped up.  Three times.  Not cool.
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In case thread and time references make any difference in investigating, I just lost an extensive edit at ~1:44 pacific in this thread:

I can't seem to get it back by backspace, editing, quoting ... hopefully it'll come back after something gets processed on the back end.

edit: okay, it looks like patience is the key.  It eventually showed up.
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