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 Great content so far but one thing is kinda bugging me as a player. The two maps for Chapter two have been tiny in two ways.

 First the sqaures are not an inch across so normal DnD minis dont quite fit. 

  Second the size of the map as in squares on the map is small. This makes for rather boring tactics since its easy to jam up the entire map, as a defender it does make my job easier but not very challenging.
I'm second from the left in the picture.

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As the DM, I had my group of adventurers spread out one square off the second, it made sense that they would be patrolling the perimeter of the area. That kept the entire fight spread out across the (yes, I agreee, small) map. The first, however, made sense that they would be bunched together. I did place the monsters so the PC's would have to come and engage.
I ran into the same problems... ended up having to let the playes navigate and move up to 2 squares 'into the black'  (due to very poor initiative rolls on their part and having to Start off the map).
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