Looking for group

I'm a bit newer to tabletop RPG's and am looking for a group. I've played several good games and have DM'd a few as well, learning quickly to tedious task of running a game. I find myself owning all the Star Wars Saga books and most of the D&D 3.5, including: DMG, PHB, Monster Manual and a score of campaigns.

As of now I have no one else to play with except a friend who lives a good distance now away and thus we are forced to play online. I'm currently looking for friendly and relatively mature players in the Southwestern Ohio area. I can't seem to find with anyone around this area so I'm hoping this site changes that.

Anyone interested feel free to PM me on this site for any details you need.

Currently Own and can DM: Star Wars Sagas, D&D 3/3.5 and several independently-made

Willing to play:
Just about anything, DM or not.