3/15 D&D Insider Update

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Today's D&D Insider update addresses several bugs and stability issues, and comes with some much anticipated feature updates. You can find a more detailed list of bugs addressed here.

Character Builder

  • Dragon 395 Content

  • Dungeon 186 Content

  • Additional character Options (including inherent bonuses)

  • Multiweapon selection for power cards

  • Support for current Encounters Season


  • Dragon 395 Content

  • Dungeon 186 Content

Looking Ahead

Next month we start implementing our plan to sync up DDI updates with printed book releases. This means that on the 19th of April, when Heroes of Shadows hits shelves, the material will also be available in the Character Builder and Compendium. Going forward, we intend to sync up our DDI updates with our printing schedule whenever possible. Also coming next month we have some improvements on how equipment works in the Character Builder, a summary page, a fix to the A4 printing issue, ritual book information, and we hope to have a new way to view your characters when offline.

Last but definitely not least, on March 22nd we'll begin rolling out the new we-based Adventure Tools to all D&D Insiders - starting with the launch of the new web-based Monster Builder. At launch the Monster Builder will have 3,700 monsters, including Dark Sun Creature Catalog and Monster Vault entries. DDI members should expect a broadcast/email later today with some more details.


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