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So I had a Gamma World session where everyone who showed up was either new or had their character recently die.  So the first bit of the session was making characters.

Metrion - A demonic simian.  Shoots fire, teleports (bamph!) and hits things with a length of concrete encrusted rebar.
Tesla - An android electrokinetic.  A brilliant scientist and excellent engineer and technologist who likes to either clamp things with his strong robot hands or zap things with their taser mode.
McBeth - A southern Scots-Irish gentlman with a penchant for anti-matter rays and freezing anything he touches.
Vintage - A wheeled reanimator.  Looks like Axle from Twisted Metal for PlayStation ( )

Then I realized I didn't have my notebook.  Oh-oh.

So I pulled out a poster map and one of the sheets of monster tokens and popped a few out onto it.

One idea I've found useful is a town built around a car crusher.  They mine cars from nearby parking lots, and underground parkades are considered gold mines.  Since I pulled the Freesboro parkade map out and some bug like monster tokens, I decided that Freesboro's key industry had been ground to a halt by bugs that were killing the miners who go into the parkade to mine cars.  The cars are cubed to build walls, they provide metal, wire and a variety of other materials.  Recycling is a booming industry on Gamma Terra.

So the PCs went and killed the bugs.  Still hours to go in the session and that idea is done.

So a nuclear bomb goes off.  A ways away, to the north.  Enough that fallout might be an issue, but the blast itself only rattles buildings and breaks some windows.  A local Radioactivist priest announces that there will be a pilgrimage to the blast site.  The players watch the 20 or so locals who go on the pilgrimage leave, wondering who could be so stupid.

During the night, the pilgrims return.  But as herd zombies.  The PCs go out to defend Freesboro.  Given the distances involved, there's no way the pilgrims could have made it to the blast site in time, so it must be caused by something else.  As they get close to the zombies, the robot using his omniscient goggles notices an invisible martian with a three foot long device slowly moving alongside the zombies.  The robot makes his science check and identifies the device as an atomic bomb!

They go out and have a grand fight with the alien and his herd zombies.  The demon monkey ends up finishing off the alien infiltrator who was planning on nuking Freesboro after planting the device during the cover of a zombie attack.  So now the Robot Electrokinetic (named Tesla) has an atomic bomb at his disposal.  The MVP of the encounter is MacBeth, a human looking anti-matter wielding cryokinetic, who drove over zombie after zombie with his pick up truck.

The party tells the mayor of Freesboro (One Dr. Ludwig von Verminschtein-- a mutant rat) that they just saved them from nuclear anhiliation.  MacBeth starts trying to demand better compensation for the protection they offer.  Dr. Verminschtein takes his natural 1 on the interaction roll to mean that he's looking for a payoff.  He immediatley accuses them of manufacturing trouble for them to solve.  He accuses them of putting the giant insects in the parkade mine in order to manufacture their heroism and demands they leave town immediately.  Shame on them for trying to con the good people of Freesboro into some sort of protection racket.

So they pack up their stuff in the pickup truck.  Attach their trailer, their two horses and load up their keel boat and head out of town.  After consulting an ancient map of the area, they discover a particularly good site for potential looting/scavenging.  Something called the MedTech Gardens.

On the way there, they run into a porker and badder run roadblock demanding a "toll."  They negotiate the giving up of their keel boat for passage through the baracade.  The Porkers let them pass before deciding to pursue such push overs.  Reasoning that they can't drive their truck fast while horses are teathered to it, the Porkers and Badders decide that they can use their dune buggy with pintle mounted Vietnam war era machine gun to make quick work of the city mutants.  At the very least they expect the PCs to cut the horses loose and run for it.  Hey, free horses!

But the party hears the dune buggy coming.  And they park their truck between two buildings at the next intersection and set up an ambush.  The wheeled reanimator named Vintage summons a zombie right in front of the dune buggy and it careens out of control, skidding to a stop.  An array of electricity, gun fire, anti-matter and lasers streak between the dune buggy and the buildings where the PCs are ambushing them from.  The dune buggy's gas tank ends up getting disintegrated by antimatter, spilling gas all over the street.

Metrion, the demon monkey from Hell (Hell, Michigan, that is) casts out some fire and ... natural 20.  The dune buggy and it's riders, their amunition and everything explode in an impressive inferno.

On to Medtech Garden!  Tesla enjoys the ride sitting in box of the truck petting his pet atomic bomb.
This sounds like lots of fun! Some of the best times can be had just from making crap up as you go. :D

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Adventures League Characters (click for list)
Adventurers League Characters: (can you tell I like making new characters?)
  • Oraibi Jhannivvar (human noble devotion paladin of Siamorphe, level 9) and Golden Dawn (celestial warhorse); NG, Lords' Alliance
  • Ninkasi the Ale-Nun (human guild artisan life cleric of Chantea, level 7); NG, Harpers
  • Bacavi Jhannivvar (human sage arcane trickster/cleric of Tymora, level 4/2) and Teddy (cat familiar); CG, Lords' Alliance, Cloaks
  • Alcyone Pleiades (air genasi sailor conjuration wizard, level 4) and Buster (crab familiar); TN, Harpers, Cloaks
  • Rhythm (tiefling entertainer bard, is a dancer, level 3); NG, Harpers
  • Onyx Crystalfist (svirfneblin Earthspur miner Underdark land druid, level 3); NG, Emerald Enclave
  • Verdigris (copper dragonborn gladiator beastmaster ranger, level 3) and Heqet (giant frog); NG, Emerald Enclave
  • Niran Wishcrafter (fire genasi charlatan chaos sorcerer, level 2) a.k.a. "Madame Vessa" (human fortune teller); CN, Zhentarim
  • Claráin Coppervault (mountain dwarf guild artisan abjuration wizard, level 2) and Julius (cave octopus familiar); LG, Harpers
Some of the best games I have played over the years were just made up off the cuff.  That is my usual Gm style.  I may have a few ideas I want to use and maybe even a map or two but mostly its just me making stuff up on the fly.
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