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Really really enjoyed this game, it's fun and a much lighter version of what our little group is used to playing so it offers a pleasant change to all the page flipping and rule searching!

Enjoyed it so much in fact that it inspired me to paint the contents of the box, something which I don't often do with board games! These are examples of what can be achieved withy a few basic techniques, literally took me a few days to work through with base coats using the airbrush and simple ink and line techniques. Bold and effective, they look funky on the board! Laughing


The big bad Dracolich, eek!

The Villains (tougher than your average dungeon denizens) Flesh golum, zombie dragon, vampire, hag, Kobold sorceror and a werewolf doing his very best Bruce Forsyth pose!

Undead group, ghouls, zombies and skelly bobs

Kobolds, wolves, spiders and gargolyles

I was particularly pleased how these came out, molded in clear blue I simply picked out various parts...gives quite a spooky effect!

Finally the brave (some might say stupid) band of heroes themselves!


Nice work.
You are my hero

I just picked up the game this weekend at PAX East and I considering painting mine as well.  I, however, have no skill and I have never painted minis.  After looking at how awesome these look I feel defeated before I even begin.  I am truely envious.

EDIT: Did you wash and dry the minis prior to painting them? 
Simply awe. And then some!
Woh.  I've been considering picking up these games purely for the minis and seeing if I can learn to paint.  If I can get them even 1/10 as good as this i'll be ecstatic.  Amazing stuff.
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Your work is really fantastic!

What is your technique for doing the bone pieces?

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HOLY COW! I had no idea quality like that was even possible with plastic mini's--looks fantastic! 

Copyright does not protect the idea for a game

As with your Ashardalon work - very very cool!

Looking forward to more, and perhaps seeing these in action at Origins/ GenCon?


Alan Patrick

Associate Community Manager, D&D Adventurers League


This is fantastic. And it makes me incredibly jealous. I applaud you sir.
Amazing! Truely!



I can't paint worth a damn, so I just bought the original pre-painted minis... I'm lame I guess

Amazing!!! Just got inspired to paint my own game Smile
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