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I checked and it looks like we are able to sign up and schedule Season 5 "Dark Legacy of Evard" events that start May 11th.

However, after I select the new season, the only adventures available are for Phantom Brigade. Maybe that are still building the season???
Also, is everyone else having the same tedious time reporting the events each week? We have about 30-35 players and I have to manually enter all of those RPGA numbers EVERY week.

I tried downloading the WPN tool, but it is geared to Magic and does not let me set up sessions for each of the 5-6 tables we run in a given week.

Has anyone else been able to get the WPN reporting tool to work?

I use WER (Wizards Event Reporter) weekly to report D&D Encounters.  When you open the program it should Sync your Events.  All you have to do, is double click the event you are reporting.  On the 'Local Players' tab, Click and 'Enroll' the player.  If they are not in the list, click New and type in the DCI Number and their Details if they didn't fill it in online.  After you have all the players 'Enrolled' you can 'Begin' the event.  After that you get to 'Add a table' and the players to the table (Min 4, max 6), make sure to 'Add More DMs' before you begin the event if required.  I occasionally have issues with players per table so if you have to create a virtual table 3 and split up the tables make sure to do so

If you have any questions let me know.
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MOst helpful thanks. This should save me quite a bit of time. Not sure why the tools they have should be so clumsy but they seem to work.
I've been reporting events via the Website since the start of Keep on the Borderlands. Is there any way to get those previously reported events into WER? I saw it sync, and told it to display Reported/Completed events, but they don't show up.
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