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Hey all, for those of you who have run through Lost Mines of Karak, I was curious as to how you found this final encounter.  I am a bit concerned that with the relatively high level of a couple of the creatures in this fight that they will rarely miss when attacking the party.  Some of this of course is made up for by the fact that they do not have MM3 levels of damage, but it still seems as though it could be a bit problematic, particularly if the PCs get any bad luck with their dice.  So, any thoughts from those who've been through this encounter previously would be appreciated.

Same here.  I've heard mostly good things about the boss fight in this module.  I'm still a ways off, but would like to plan ahead if the encounter needs adjusting.

I didn't have too many problems with the encounter - it's tough, but it's also the final fight of the adventure, so it should feel more difficult than anything the PCs had dealt with before.  The big concerns I recall from when I ran this fight is that the party will tend to bunch up on their end of the crevasse.  This makes it easy for the creatures to throw area bursts.  I don't see anything wrong with this setup, personally.  It's designed to make it so that there are no safe spots in the room to hide.  If you hang back, you're at the mercy of the area attacks.  If you move up, you're within range of the nasty Mezzodaemons.  Play it by ear, start out hard and pull back if you find your party has problems.

What's the party makeup?

What's the party makeup?

Hurl & Charge Ranger
Bow Ranger

So, plenty of damage, but not a lot of HPs either.  :p

Cunning Sneak Rogue
Wild Talent Sorcerer
CON Warden

I'll likley have to tone it down for a party of 4.  I'm halfway through Siege at Bodrin's Watch, and they've decimated most of the encounters (unmodified), but had a lot of trouble with the Og encounter - mostly because the Bardent's pretty non-optimal.
I ran the encounter with a party of five, and they had some difficulty, although no more than I would say is appropriate for a final encounter in a dungeon. The party makeup was as follows:

Dwarven battlerager fighter
Tiefling fey warlock
Human bow ranger
Elven cleric
Goliath Warden

I had the Mezzodemons wade into the rift, and gave them a minor action 2 square pull usable on creatures restrained by their skewering tines. The party, mostly ranged as it was, bunched up in the hallway, and the firelasher emerged and danced through them enough to convince them that was a bad strategy. In the end though, they finished off the lasher and two demons with no one getting pulled into the rift, the rager leapt the chasm and Shephatiah went down without too much fuss.
I just ran this mod. We have 7 PCs and I added 1 mezzodemon. It was as close to a TPK as I've come to so far.  Our paladin was pushed ito the elemental rift when he had about 5 hp left along with a mezzodemon that restrained him there. It was not pretty.
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