Freeform Roleplaying Subforum

I've created a new group for freeform roleplaying play-by-post and welcoming all gamers who enjoy not only roleplaying but fanfiction and the like.  Based in the fantasy flavor of Dungeons and Dragons and Magic The Gathering.


    "Stonehaven is a vast fantasy world that allows for free-form roleplaying. Each thread represents any of various locations throughout Stonehaven's cities and its wilds.

    Players simply need envision a character and pick a place to start. There are no dice, no levels, and no limits to what you can create or become. The players tell the story, and the story moves ever onward"

Come and join us if you'd like.

"Life is like a Dungeon Master, if it smiles at you something terrible is probably about to happen."


These boards are terrible so I dont always check in.  If you need me contat my gmail at BHRPGS.