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Seeing as the new Gamma World is allready very...very bizar. And that I don't really like the "big mistake" story (actually I think it sucks)  

I was thinking, what could have caused all that?... I have seen some different takes on it, and I just dont like the "all realities smashed together into one" idea.

And suddenly I came up with this crazy idea.

Lets say that Alice's Wonderland  is real. And lets say that "they"got fet up with the humans throwing all kinds of junk, poison, waste down in the ground, and all the hole digging, drilling and mining.

One day The Red Queen sends her armies UP the Rabbits holes and through mirrors and suddenly the world is at war with an enemy so bizar, alien and unbelievable they start going from simple warfare to panicked drastic measures. The world falls into chaos, all manner of weapons are unleashed from both sides and eventually reality partly unravels because of the worlds colliding. 

The result, a messed up Wonderland and Earth that bleed over into eachother. animals, plants and humans transform due to the bleeding over of wonderland into our world and creatures from Wonderland  (which is actually named Underland but was misspelled by little Alice on her trip overthere) have escaped from it as well or stayed behind, or are still fighting the war. 

Think for instance of the March Hare and Hoops. 

This could create a totally bizar world that could be named Gamma Terra or whatever you like, But basically you have a background story in which any origin might easily fit (even 2d cartoon chracters) and anything goes. You as Gm can do anything you like with the world. Technology from the humans such as robots (build to fight the card armies of the Red queen) can be explained that way while alpha mutations will be effects caused by the influence of Wonderland.

As resources I take Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland movie, the Original stories and American Mcgee's Alice in Wonderland games (1 & 2)

Its also easy enough to come up with a bunch of special cards tailored to this.
Think of things such as The Vorpal blade, Eat me cake and Drink me potions, Living chesspiece...

Its just an idea, what do you think?
It is neat, but not Gamma World. ;)
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Why isnt it Gamma World? if you can have Angels, Demons, Vampires, Aliens and if we go into the community made origins, cartoon characters, fairies and much much more.

The this definitly IS Gamma World too. 
I like the idea, quite amusing. :D

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I'm not a huge fan either, if I had players who cared more about the back story I would have changed it as well.  However my players don't care why they live in the world, just that they do.  They love encountering the weird and bizzare, and Gamma Terra Terrifies them with how deadly it can be.
Cool idea, not "traditional" Gamma World by any means, but with this edition it's much more "Anything Goes".
Thank you, I have absolutely no experience with the previous versions of Gamma World. All I know is that I love this edition, and I (and my players) feel very much like in this game basically anything goes.

If you can think it up and can place it in there somehow, then why not.
While I don't think I would use your proposed background for the setting, I did use Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland to explain to my players the tone I wanted to take with our Gamma World game. While Wonderland may be filled with all sorts of zaniness, from talking animals to playing card soldiers, the movie took the setting seriously and so did the characters within the setting. In our gaming group, we might laugh at the notion of a megalomaniacal humanoid rabbit bent on world destruction, but our characters take such a villian as a serious threat and treat every aspect of the setting with similar sobriety. In my experience, it makes the game that much more engaging if we all know that we're allowed to laugh at the game out-of-character, but we take it seriously in-character.
I would very much like to see someone do stats for the playing card soldiers... maybe with some variations for the different suits, if not the different ranks. (Four variations seems reasonable - thirteen may be a bit much!)

If I manage to get my own campaign stuff sorted out in the coming week, maybe I'll do it myself.
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