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Now, before I ask this, I'm going to go ahead and say that I don't find such phrases or statements good or anything like that. With that said, we're all probably familiar with the idea of a group of slavers or two races locked in war. Just to make things a bit more immersive, I was trying to come up with derogatory names for the various races. One notable that I stole from Dragon Age was knife ear for elves. Just stuff that even when you spring it on the player, they know they've just been insulted. If this would have been better suited for the DM board, I apologize.
I've heard "pointy" for elves and "stuntie" for dwarves before. I'll be curious to hear if there are others that people commonly use in their games.
Dragonborn- "Scalies" (borrowed from Dinotopia)
Dwarf- Gritsucker, shortie, shrimp
Eladrin- any homosexual slur would do, as if the bigot were interpreting the eladrin's natural frame as effeminate- a double slur.
Half-Elf- mongrel, mutt, "mudblood" (a la Harry Potter)
Halfling- "tiny" "child" "puny" "kid"
Human- "blankos" (humans have no distinctive physical features, they are blank)
Tiefling- "horndog" "devilf**ker" or even "impf**ker"
Drow- "spiderf**ker" (you may start to see a pattern) "darky"
Warforged- "Bolthead" "S**t golem" "brainless" "tin can" "gearhead"
Changeling- "paleface" "sack of nothing"

There's more, but you get the idea.
"Our idea of rules modules has a wide range of scope; sometimes, our rules modules might just be small tweaks and variant rules, while other times they could be large-scale changes and entirely new subsystems. We want people to make the game their own, and that means provided a whole array of possibilities based on what you, the players, tell us that you want." -D&DNext Q&A Blog, 8/29/12, Answer #3.
Dwarf - Bearded Gnome
Mul - Mule as noted in DarkSun
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Ooooh, thanks for the suggestions guys. I'm glad this wasn't taken in bad taste.

Wait! I wasn't done!

Gnome- "pixie"
Goliath- "heavyweight"
Half-orc- "mutt" "mongrel" "mudblood"
Shifter- "b***h" "cur" other dog references
Githzerai- "flatnose"
Minotaur- "bullhead" "cowsucker"
Shardmind- "Rockhead"
Wilden- "twig boy" "twig girl"
Mul- "mule" "donkey" "@$$"
Thri-Kreen- "cockroach"

"Our idea of rules modules has a wide range of scope; sometimes, our rules modules might just be small tweaks and variant rules, while other times they could be large-scale changes and entirely new subsystems. We want people to make the game their own, and that means provided a whole array of possibilities based on what you, the players, tell us that you want." -D&DNext Q&A Blog, 8/29/12, Answer #3.
"Bearded Gnome", "Cowsucker" and "Cockroach" are all going onto my list of insults to remember.
I'm going to have to note these down. ^_^
Shadar-kai- emo freaks
Gnolls- same as shifters, really: dog references
Genasi Firesoul- hothead
Genasi Watersoul- wishy-washy
Genasi Windsoul- airhead
Genasi earthsoul- dirt
Genasi stormsoul- thunderbutt
Other genasi- you get the idea
kalashtar- head case

There's also a bountiful sub-category of crude sexual metaphors... but I'll leave that for another thread.
"Our idea of rules modules has a wide range of scope; sometimes, our rules modules might just be small tweaks and variant rules, while other times they could be large-scale changes and entirely new subsystems. We want people to make the game their own, and that means provided a whole array of possibilities based on what you, the players, tell us that you want." -D&DNext Q&A Blog, 8/29/12, Answer #3.
Dragonborn - Reptile, lizard (insult their heritage; that'll end well)

Half-Elf - I like "mutt" as QuestorTelloc said above.

Half-Orc - Pig, hog

Dwarf - Leadfoot (can't jump), fat jokes

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So. Green needs an iconic creature type, eh? How about wurms!

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Depends on who is saying them, for example Drow and maybe orcs would call Elves and Humans pinkskins.

As far as my take
Dragonborn - Lizard(Its an honor for a dragonborn to be called a dragon but to be called a Lizard)
Dwarf - Beardy or any height jabs
Eladrin- Elf, or Hollowbone
Half-Elf - Usually liked by most races, but calling them either Human by Elfs or Elf by Humans could be offensive. 
Halfling - Woolfoot, Leatherfeet
Human- Pinky, Round-Ear
Tiefling - Demon 
Drow - Dark Skin,
Warforged - Heartless,
Changeling - Leech, Parasite

Gnome- dead meat, child, short bread(I make reference to how they will soon die)
Goliath- "heavyweight" actually seems like a complement. Stonebrain or maybe half giant(outside of Darksun) might work better.
Half-orc- Greenskin, Pig face
Shifter- Beast, Animal (Even though they are humanoid they still look like animals)
Githzerai- Green skin, Lizard, Serpant (Their snake like qualities should be attacked)
Minotaur- Cow(Make refrence to the fact that they are bovine)
Shardmind- Stone heart, Golem, frag(drills in the fact that they are a part of the living gate)
Wilden- Weed(Eladrin consider them weeds of the Fae Wild)
Mul- "mule",
Thri-Kreen- Bug
Ant Farm
our eladrin referred to all other races as "mudpeople"
dwarf - rockeater or rockhead 
gnome - [burrowing mammal] + [verb] + "-er"  as in "Hey, groundhog lover"

"bearded gnome" and "cowsucker" sound like good names for drinks.  will have to spring those on the bartender tonight between green beers and see what she serves up!

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My LFR Warlock has had personal experiences with Fey races, such that he now thinks they are:
- lazy
- only interested in fun stuff
- short attention span
- stab you in the back in a heartbeat.

Here's the irony:
1) He is a Half-elf
2) His best friend (my son's character) is an Eladrin.

- generic insult: six-fathered
- insult aimed at half-orc: imply he is an accident after a ****.  (Might also be good for half-elves if humans and elves fight a lot in your campaign world.)
- insult for slavers to use: merchandise, meat, walking money
- Dark Sun insult : believes in the gods

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Making it up as I go along:

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{Lord_Karsus} You know, I like that better than the explanations for the Spellplague.


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{Stigger} That question is utterly classic, and completely on target.


Prepped ahead of time:

I started the 4e thread "1001 Failed Interrogation Results" (now lost in that great electronic goodnight, alas)

{ADHadh} These are all good and make sense! I just can't come up with something that's not covered here and is not completely ridiculous.


(News bulletin: Updated thread to be posted after I review the 5e DMG)


My 5e characters


Erevyn Meliamne, Wood Elf Rogue1/Monk2, AL, inspired by "Radar O'Reilly" from M*A*S*H: Perception(max)

Alavos of Kirauma, Half-elf Ancients Paladin8, HotDQ / Tiamat, Warlord themed - now an NPC because I was voted DM for our group !

Characters Ready-to-go:

none at present; gotta work on somebody from below !

Concepts I'm kicking around:

Tiefling Bard - party "face", skillful, future business master (using 3e FRCS background material) and patron to beginning adventurers.

Barbarian w/Tough feat, to be nearly indestructible

"Truenamer" cleric - all spells are Verbal

"Buggy" Wizard - insect flavor on everything.  His DMPC / BBEG version is going to become a beetle version of a Worm That Walks.  (See the 4e MM picture of a Lamia.)  Because lichdom is so cliche.


Shadowrun had a few nice ones for it's races (actualy in this case subspecies of our Humanity);
I remember Dandelion eater for elves, Tuskers for Orks and/Trolls (a brutish, taller form of humans with horns and dermal deposits ofand such) (Trogs also) and Breeders for... Humans or orks.

Being a cyberpunk game, the feeling is grittier, so more explicit curse words and slurs are in the world..
I always liked the idea from Terry Prattchet's Discworld books (if you haven't read them you should) of Dwarves being called 'Lawn ornaments'.
My warforged calls the others meatsacks or meatbags.

He is an artificer named Mender.

He is an artificer named Mender.

Well I guess I'll just get creative here and make up some from the top of my head:

Elf: Talking Bat, Treehugger, Feb (F***ING Elven Bas**rd), Trunk Climber
Dwarf: Ale Bucket, Stone Face, Stub Nubber, Mole
Half-Elf: Mutt, Helf, Rat Ear
Halfling: Chest Feet, Piper, Rat King
Gnome: Stool Climber, Baby Voice
All those halfling insults, and folks forget good old 'peck'.

I am dissapoint.

All right, for the rest:
Dragonborn: Scalebacks
Eladrin: Feypimp
Elves: Feybitch
Halfings: Paperweight
Gnome: Doormat
Goliath: "Little" giant (you know, big weapon, little...well, you know)
Half-Elf: Half-Sized
Half-Orc: Rusty

Changeling: Wax baby (Don Bassingthwaite nailed it)
Kalashtar: Mindless (a misinterpretation of their nature)
Shifter: Dog-Man
Warforged: Blockhead
Strangely enough, one of my players started calling all dwarves failed golems after hearing Oghren's sarcastic dwarven birthing story on Dragon Age awakening.
I've also had a character refer to all dragonborn as Tiamat's bi***
"The thieves.  The thieves.  The filthy little thieves. ... Curse them, we hates them!" -- Gollum On Halflings

"It burns!  It burns us!  It freezes!  Nasty elves twisted it.  Take it off us!" -- Gollum on Elven rope

"Sneaky little Hobbitses.  Wicked.  Tricksy.  False.  ... False.  They will cheat you, hurt you, lie!" -- Gollum On Halflings

"What's it doing?  Stupid fat Hobbit.  It ruins it." -- Gollum On Halflings Cooking Meat

"Smeagol hates nasty Hobbitses.  Smeagol wants to see them dead." -- Gollum on Halflings

I've seen the following from casual insults to players really trying to get under people's skin:


--- Elves ---


"With ears like that, how could you miss it?"

"Keebler." (Yes it stemmed from out of game, but it was so funny it stuck!)


--- Dwarves ---

"Extra-tall gnomes."


"Just call him Noun Hammerwhatever."


--- Tieflings ---


"Second-cousin to demons. Or devils, whichever team they bat for."


--- Drow ---



" (a string of profanity too glorious to recapture in text, least of all on a PG-13 message board) - and they smell bad too." (Shortly after someone introduced the party wizard to Drow sleep poison.)


--- Half-Elves ---

"Half-blood." (The oldies are still the goodies.)

"So which was your father, the human or the elf? . . . How did his wife take it?"


--- Orcs ---

"Piggies." / "Pork on legs." (Stemming from some artwork from back in the day which gave them a porcine appearance.)



--- Half-Orc ---


"Tall, strong, and stupid."

"I'm sorry, could you take those things out of your mouth? I can't make out what you're saying."


--- Humans ---

"Poor, dumb, unwashed ."

"No matter how you look at it, humans will always be at most second best at anything."


--- Dragon ---


"Bastard child of Tiamat and Bahamut." (The payoff was spectacular, and luckily only the speaker died.)

"Oh, so you're the gold farmer."

Just a start.

Drow - Spiderspawn

Elf - leaf eater

Eladrin - glitter eyes

Halfling -  thieving sprite

Dragonborn - Reptilian Coward

Tielfing - Cursefiend

Human - Savage

Dwarf - Gravel beard

Half-elf - Half person

Gnome - bug-eye

Deva - failed angel

Minotaur - talking steak

Warforged - tin golem

Shardmind - dull quartz

Shifter - animal

Half-orcs - half tusk

Goliath - short stuff

Kalashtar - wasted mind

Changling - face stealer

Wilden - tree brain

Githzerai - close minded

Genesai - chaos born

Shadar-kai - deathlover

Thri-keen - ant

Mul - donkey

Shade -  sun forsaken

Revenant - grave mask

Vryloka - blood sucker
Behold the DM has entered.
Lessee, as a Warforged I've been called...




"Walking Clock"

"Snap-On-Tools" (In reference to a comment I made about my "Component".)


and of course "A good weapon wasted..." (When the Dwarf realized that I was a divine striker class)

EDIT: Oh yeah, And the whole slew of jokes I get about my detachable components and that I don't sleep...
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