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Use this thread to discuss your experiences with week 5 of D&D Encounters Season 4 - March of the Phantom Brigade.

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Please realize that both players and DMs read these threads, so do not put spoilers in your posts. If your post goes into enough details, then you absolutely must use spoilers. Enclose the spoilery bit in [*sblock=spoiler stuff][*/sblock]  (just remove the *) spoiler block tags so that players who haven't played yet don't have the surprise ruined for them. 

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This was my first week, ever, as DM for both Encounters and 4e (though I have lots of GM experience in other game systems).

We had 2 DMs and 7 players this week. The other DM took 4 who are regulars at his table, and I had 3 players who were all new to Encounters this week. Since I had all newbies, I passed out the pre-gens and allowed them to select. We ended up with:

Brandis – Human Cavalier

Valenae – Eladrin Warpriest (Sun Domain)

Keira – Elven Thief

spoilerey stuff

I started off with a recap of chapter 1, pretty extensive since this was all-new information to them and not just a recap for players who have already played through those sessions. I went over the journey from Hammerfast to Inverness; their interactions to date with Splintershield, Malgram, and Faldyra; the appearance of the Ghost Tower; and the situation with Salazar Vladistone.

I read the text about the passage of months and the onset of Winter, and what they would have done during those months. Brandis said he would have guarded supply wagons that went to and from Hammerfast and Harkenwold. Velenae wanted to talk to Splintershield about setting up a small temple to Pelor in Inverness (I said that was an excellent idea and Splintershield said yes). Keira was intrigued by the Ghost Tower and the message from Salazar about a powerful arcane relic housed inside and spent time trying to get inside, even consulting Faldyra and making a trip to the Elves in the Harken forest to ask for their help. All to no avail, the Ghost Tower would not open.

They settled down in the tavern one night, met with Faldyra and chatted with her a bit, and talked to Malgram’s scouts about the appearance of dead animals and strange lights in the forest. Splintershield came to collect them when 6 men came stumbling into the settlement, all near death with strange crystalline legion and growths.

After a check of the corpses, Malgram told them that 4 men were still missing and might still be alive. They organized into search parties (the PCs as one party, Malgram and his scouts into other parties). Splintershield insisted on accompanying one of the search parties, despite Malgram’s objections, so he asked the PCs to take him along and keep an eye on him.

The new quartet went off into the Harken forest. They came across a copse of trees with the same crystalline growth, and from there they found tracks which they could follow. They caught up to the remaining 4 men, all with the same crystalline growth but rather than sickness these men seemed insane and violent and attacked.

With all new players, all at level 1 with no magic items, I reduced the foresters from 5 to 4. Keira went first and started the combat off well, using her first round combat advantage and sneak attack to almost bloody the first forester in one hit. Valenae went next and used Blessing of Battle on Forester #2. Splintershield attacked Forester #3 and missed. The foresters went next, one managed to hit Splintershield in the back with his axe for a fair amount of damage (this had the PCs worried). Brandis went next and turned on his defender aura and used Vengeful strike on Forester #4.

The next round went poorly for the PCs. They missed several attacks, I rolled 2 nat-20’s for criticial hits on Valenae and Brandis. Splintershield helped out, using his Smite attack on a Forester and using Healing Word on Brandis.

The PCs got smart in round 3, using shift maneuvers to flank and get combat advantage, and focusing on one enemy at a time till he went down. The combat went fairly smoothly for them from that point on. Brandis got attacked several more times due to his defender aura but Valenae used another Healing Word to keep him upright and kicking the whole time.

After the fight, they made the decision to not bring the corpses back to Inverness for proper burial (too much risk of infection and not wanting the families to see their loved ones like this). Valenae and Splintershield each said blessings over the bodies and then they cremated them. One of the foresters had been caring a satchel, the thief of course checked it out afterwards and found a set of +1 leather armor.

Splintershield announced that he sensed dark energy in the area, and suggested they continue to search for the source of the infection rather than return to town immediately. The party agreed and trudged deeper in to the forest…

All in all, a very fun session and it ran smoothly with only 3 players so everyone had a chance to shine. I was generous with the xp (350 each) so hopefully they can make level 2 before the chapter is over. The players all said they enjoyed their first Encounters game and plan to make it next week again.

I didn’t use the Fortune Cards this week, not wanting to confuse the new players, but I picked up 3 boosters and plan to use them as a communal player deck next week.

We had 2 tables of 6 players each this week. I got off to an early start with 2 Warpriests (1 sun and 1 earth domain), a Dragonborn Slayer, a Human Knight, an Elf Hunter and a Human Mage. Everything went well although the Mage got knocked down once and I bloodied Brother Splintershield, the Slayer and the Knight as I got several 'ghetto crits' (max damage roll on a regular hit) and the Mage was flanked frequently. I'm really excited at the growth of the program at our FLGS and hope that maybe we can break out another table.
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This time we got 5 players, 3 oldies and 2 newbies to 4th.

The oldies tried to explain to the newbies how powers worked and what was the difference from 3th to 4th ,they understood some of it. It might take a session or two before they understand it all. I remember when I switched from 3rd to 4th and it took a while.

Pre gen selected:

into the woods, to grandmas house we go

So we are eating dinner at the local inn after 6 months of build time. The DM just skipped over what our PC's were doing in that time. Sad for it would have been a good creative session for the newbies.

He reads directly from the module about what we are hearing from the table next to us. It is about animals in the woods who are found dead with various lesions.We are asked by the DM to make rolls for the various skills about the animals.

In walks THE Splintershield and says he needs our help once again. We all go outside ,but the Mage takes his food with him for he doesn't want to give up a free meal. On the plus side he can keep it hot with his fire power.

We are told that there are bodies with red crystals poking out of them so the Warpriest starts to examine one and it comes to life again. We all pull out our weapons to kill the risen corpse ,but it quickly 'dies' again,but not after giving us a warning about the water in the woods.

So Splintershield asks us to go out and find the missing loggers, oh and he is coming with us. Great so now we have to be good behavior for the boss is coming along.

Therefore we tromp through the woods and the DM asks for more skill checks and tells the ones that got higher rolls that we will be getting various bonuses to our next fight.

Onto the fight. We are walking through the woods in dead of night and there is movement in the bushes out walks more of the loggers ,but they also have the red crystals coming out of their skin. Oh they also have a maddening look in their eyes like they want to kill us or sell us Girl Scout cookies ,but alas no Thin Mints for us.

The Splinter,Warpriest, and Cavalier all advance to take on the madmen. The Rogue moves in ,but quickly gets set upon by 2 of them and is bloodied quickly. The Hunter and Mage hang back and start to blast from range. The Hunter hides out in the trees and shoots from cover, doing much higher damage. One of the madmen peels off the Rogue and slams into the Mage who tries to get out of the way,but is quickly taken down to 3 hp. OUCH!

We slowly whittle the enemy down and some Healing words bring the squishier PC's back to a reasonable level.

Then the Madmen realize they have axes to throw and start using that against the range PCs. They connect with the Mage again who quickly runs further away so he can blast them again and hopefully they can't throw that far.

In the end we are able to take them all down and only the Rogue and Mage seem to take the brunt of the damage. So the other people are in good shape for next time.

Oh we also realize that Splintershield is tied into the Protection circle back at the encampment so if he gets killed this will be bad for the town. So it is now keep the cleric in the middle of the party.

Session would have been more exciting ,but the DM just isn't into the game he never ran 4th edition before this season.

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One of my regulars had to join the other table, since they were missing some people this week.  And also our elven hunter who had missed the last couple sessions decided he had spent the time in a cocoon... And so this session entered as a Thri-Keen Monk.  (Our group is fine with non-essentials, and it was an amusing way for him to keep his experiences) Also since the group had successfully captured one of the spitting drakes last chapter, the 6 month break was plenty of time to train it.  (I dropped its level, and lowered its damage/attack a bit more, just so it would be an additional benefit, not an overpowered bonus).

Again to reiterate, this party likes the combats to take longer, so I up the difficulty usually.

[sblock 6 months later...]
  So the group is meeting once more in the tavern as they have many times over the past 6 months.  Faldyra still has gained almost nothing as to finding a way into the ghost tower.  And our adventurers have grown restless, from a couple of them trying to dig under the tower, or through.  The wizard has been practicing her mage hand to capture squirrels, the drow hunter had been working hard at training the spitting drake (Tyranosaur I think his name was decided).  Also our now Thri-Keen monk is stretching from his long hibernation.  News of strange occurances in the forest were just what this group needed to get back to doing something really productive.  Once the scouts had revealed all they could, two of the members were up and out the door to start preparing to leave.  Where they met Aldus on his way to the tavern just to find them.  So Aldus sent them back to get the others, and then to meet him near the front gate.

After seeing the bodies, and speaking briefly with Malgrim the group quickly volunteered to be a search party to search for the missing foresters.  Malgrim tried to dissuade Aldus from joining in the search, but was quickly shouted down by Aldus.  The group quickly went off searching, the few that were scouting ahead and listening closely were able to locate them (but didn't roll high enough for any of the bonuses) in the narrow ravine (had to explain such a small map somehow).

Now evidently the groups rest was overly long, because some of their members in the battle almost took more damage from allies, than from the enemies (had 1 paladin going for the 50 points of damage, so he was included in 3 or 4 area attacks, and once took his own damage from the area, as well as someone elses who was in it).  The reckless paladin was brought to unconciousness once (by the hunter), but quickly revived by the cleric.  As they are laughing at this, another of the foresters come onto the scene to flank on the other paladin.  All 3 of the foresters around the paladin hit for a total of 32 points of damage (then it went to wondering which paladin would reach 50 first...).  The second paladin was brought down the next round, but revived by the first paladin (Yes.. lots of renown this session).  Throughout this battle Aldus was hit a few times, for a good amount (bringing him just to bloodied).  The cleric used his healing word bring him up to better condition.

At the end of the battle, 6 of the 9 foresters were still alive, but would need quick medical attention if they were to survive.  So each party member went to care for one, in the end 3 were able to be stabilized.  But Aldus was distracted during this, and told the group he could feel that the source of this disease must be close.  If they could find it, he might be able to perform a ritual to remove it tonight. The group quickly agreed that they needed to take care of this as soon as possible...

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I took one look at the Encounter, thought about my usual group, and laughed.  It was really a joke.  Even though we usually only have four players, they're good enough that I've yet to have to weaken an Encounter.

In this case, 5 level 2 Skirmishers armed with handaxes that inflict 1d6+5 damage was a joke- sure, if they get Combat Advantage, they can do another d6, but the only person they'd reliably get CA on was the Knight, most likely.  And then the party gets a level 2 Soldier with a Healing Word on top of it?  Yeah...sure.  ^_^

So I gave them two handed axes and fiddled with the budget to get some minions while keeping the original xp total.  As it happened, we got two new players to boot.  The party took a few good hits (poor Aldus!), but the Knight didn't even take 50 damage, no Daily Powers were used, and only one Action Point. 

There are two tables running Encounters at the store, and after we were done, I asked the other DM about how it went.  He had run the Encounter straight, and according to him, nobody even took damage!
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4 player group at Modern Myths in Northampton, Ma.  We were missing two "regulars" and added the wizard to bring us up to four players.

Drow hexblade (white well pact)
Eladrin knight
Elven thief
Human wizard

We have a great GM and he started us off asking for a bit of exposition about what we had been doing during the last six months, and then explained how out actions impacted the community and our realtionships with the main NPC's. 

Falydra wanted to come with us as well, but we refused.  With only four PC's we did not want to take her on as well.  This turned out to be a wise decision, as she would have stood a good chance of dying the way we fared in the battle.

After having easily handled the earlier encounters, this one almost TPK'ed us.  Our group collectively rolled low initiatives (the highest was an 11).  The thief freelanced against two woodsman, and was quickly bloodied.  My knight started the encounter next to the hexblade, and aldus moved up to to join us.  I looked at the board and warned everyone that I could interdict only one group, and was already worried about the thief.  I stayed put as this was the maximum number of people I could get in my aura.  The other three woodsman were facing us in a line, and the wizard was wisely staying back. 

Then all hell broke loose.  The thief shifted between the two groups of woodsman, used second wind, and recieved a heal from Aldus.  I think the thief was trying to get CA damage in the next round, but went from the frying pan to the fire.  He was quickly surrounded and hewed down in round 3, but did get off a highly damaging attack which bloodied one of the woodsman. Aldus went down in round three as well due to a crit.  The hexblade, who was next to me, shifted out of my aura to try and use his daily, armor of winter's wrath, which targets all in burst.  He was cut down in round four.  

At this point Aldus and three unconscious PC's were lying on the battlefield and three woodsman were still fighting. The wizard really saved us with charm of misplaced wrath.  He was able to finish off many of the woodsman as soon as they were bloodied.  My knight was able to get the last two woodsman in his defender aura and focus fire with the wizard.  It became trench warfare as we slowly wore them down. I am very low damage (eladrin knight with melee training intelligence).  The thief died during the battle.  I'm not trained in heal, and even if I was a I have -1 wis mod, so my DC would have been 16 to stabilize the dying even if the DM allowed it untrained.  So I let him lay their and die.  I felt like we were on the edge of a TPK.  The DM missed my AC 21 with at least 12 attacks during the encounter (delver armor +1).  I had 19 HP at the end.  Three or four more hits out of all those attacks would have dropped me and led to TPK.

On a side note, my knight can't do much when things get out of control like this.  Power strike is underwhelming as an encounter.  I generate just as much damage from my defender aura as I do with my MBA's. If I don't position well, or the party ignores my aura, we are headed for trouble, which is exactly what occurred here. 

So through a combination of bad tactics and positioning we almost TPK'ed.  Luck was against us in the first half, but equalized with all the misses against my knight in the second half.  I wanted a harder battle and got one!  At one point I thought to myself, a group of experienced players is about to TPK at encounters and wanted to put a paper (not plastic) bag over my head.  Wink

Also at Modern Myths (different table than sobchak... I was the DM):

We had three tables at modern myths, each with 4 players and a decent mix of experience levels with 4e (though I think sobchak's table had the most 4e veterans).  At my table we had:

elven cleric
half-elf druid
half-orc fighter (knight)
tiefling hexblade


The characters were unprepared to consider what they'd been doing and so moved quickly through the role play intensive start for the week.  They did somewhat better once the action started and Aldus called Faldyra and the characters to the gate.   Interestingly sobchak's GM elected to roleplay the arrival of the dying foresters rather than have them laid out as presented in the adventure, and for him I think that worked well.  He knows how to ham it up.  Still, my table got some play out of the last gesture of the (not quite dead) plagued forester and went into the wilds looking for the remaining missing foresters with Aldus under strict orders from Malgram to bring the dwarf back alive and unharmed.

The group went by moonlight without torches and after some stellarly bad rolls stumbled upon the foresters.  I had split the foresters into two groups.  The druid went first and tried to negotiate.  I tried to hint to the player that this was unlikely to work, but he was determined to try.  The foresters went next.  The ruthlessly positioned themselves and attacked, hitting the fighter hard.  A thrown axe struck Aldus for a ghetto crit.  The figher responded, putting up his aura and the fight began in earnest.  The fight was swingy, more so than I anticipated.  The fighter managed to tie down 3 of the creatures in his aura, but that meant he was taking a lot of attacks, and that most of those attacks had combat advantage.  My dice were good to me for the start of the fight and my group, used to my cursed dice, was not really prepared for the massive damage that got done.

The second round saw Aldus and the fighter bloodied.  The cleric started doling out healing, but the remaining foresters quickly positioned themselves around her (she was the next most accessible target after the fighter) and both struck with combat advantage for 20 points of damage in a single round.  The fighter got hit again taking him back into bloodied territory.

The party survived (and even ended with Aldus not bloodied) but it was a hard fight for the PCs.  Because the foresters relied on combat advantage to do their major damage, and because their only means to get combat advantage was flanking a character, this meant the characters who granted them combat advantage got totally butchered.  I found myself wishing there had been a mechanic other than flanking to achieve that, because the results were pretty brutal.  On the same token... part of the party's struggle came from really good roles on my side (first half of combat I was rolling 15+ on every die, and with a +7 attack bonus those were all hits), and equally lousy roles on the player's side (the druid's first three rolls were a 1, another 1, and a 4, and the other players had similar difficulty hitting). About half way through the combat the luck of the dice reversed and the druid and hexblade started hitting the foresters hard (both got the renown reward for single strikes of over 15 damage).

They survived and fought well, and the fighter definitely deserved the 2 renown bonus he got for taking 50 points of damage in a single encounter.  The cleric was awarded moment of greatness for carefully keeping everyone (including herself) alive.  I think this is the first fight this season where the PCs have really felt they were in danger, but I worry that they've used more resources than I would like in their first encounter of the chapter.
My regular group had a great time yet again!  We were up to 6 players this night, and hopefully we'll get back to 2 tables (something not seen since Dark Sun DDE!)

Our group consists of (in order of regularity)
Killroy:  Half-orc Druid of Summer, and his bear Maully
Myst:  Drow Fey-pact Hexblade Warlock, a supermodel in his own mind
Digeridoo:  Halfling Rogue, and disciple of Avandra
Velma:  Elven Rogue
Fayleon:  Elven Wizardess
Killrak:  Dragonborn Defender Warrior

Spoilers of the Adventure

The evening started off well.  I recapped the events so far, and then asked the players what their characters had been doing over the past months.  Each player had a good amount to say, some wanted to take a second turn as other players idea's sparked more and more each pass.  Highlights were the nursing back to health of "Chomp", one of the guard drakes the druid Killroy rescued after the ambush in session 2, the amusing attempts of many to gain entrerance into the Ghost Tower (Faldyra was very impressed with those trying with her), and the aid the players gave to assiting in the farming and planting.

"It is a cold night in the the Owl's Beak Tavern, and you've joined your good friend Faldyra for some root stew recently bestowed to the town by her kin in the closest elven community... Faldyra doesn't seem to be much for conversation this night..."

The PC's quickly worked to rouse her spirits, to some success.  They talked about the Ghost Tower and what new exploit they might all try to get inside.  After some RP with her, they overheard two hunters, a human by the name of Jonathan and a dwarf by the name of Bram.  After brief discussion the players were hooked on this mystical illness and quickly worked together to piece out roughly where they might go to look for it.  Of course their wishes were all too soon answered when Brother Splintershield barged in and requested their help.  After a brief examination of the bodies, again yielding more questions than answers, one of the bodies lept up in apparent life and warned that there were others and to save them.  Brother Splintershield could not be disuaded and rounded up several search parties, taking the lead with the heroes.

Upon a short trek hours out of Inverness the party found the trail and a confrontation ensued with the poor plagueridden huntsmen.  The whole of the party struck non-leathal blows, and the infected were soon subdued.  Try as they might with their skill in healing and with the arcane, the heroes were saddened and the infected died a fevered and painful death.  Brother Splintershield, fire in his eyes, vowed to Moradin on his life that he would put an end to this plague, and storms off on the trail towards the source...

All in all the players crushed the opposition very fast.  Few of them where hurt, and only two of the six were bloodied.  Still, the players had a fantatstic time and eagerly away this coming session...

All in all, a very fun session and it ran smoothly with only 3 players so everyone had a chance to shine. I was generous with the xp (350 each) so hopefully they can make level 2 before the chapter is over.


I'm pretty sure you just start the beginning of chapter 2 at second level, even if you are just starting the campaign.

All in all, a very fun session and it ran smoothly with only 3 players so everyone had a chance to shine. I was generous with the xp (350 each) so hopefully they can make level 2 before the chapter is over.


I'm pretty sure you just start the beginning of chapter 2 at second level, even if you are just starting the campaign.

Not this season you must level up via experience if your following the official encounters rules.
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I'm pretty sure you just start the beginning of chapter 2 at second level, even if you are just starting the campaign.

This season and going forward you gain XP per session and then level up as appropriate. This makes it easier for new players coming in (no need to fiddle around with trying to level up a pre-gen on the fly) and rewards players who show every week as they will likely level up more often.

Some DM's will allow players with more playing experience to go ahead and level up their PC anyway even if they happen to miss a week (which is fine and keeps the party balanced).

Ugh. Seriously? I've been telling people "That's one cool thing about Encounters- if you miss a few sessions here or there, you won't get left behind." Undecided

I guess I skimmed over that part of the book.

Well, xp per session is the recomended method of character advancement, but if your store DM's are cool with leveling at the chapter breaks and it increases your player attendance and participation, then I say go with it.

I would still stick with level 1 pre-gens for new players, but you can play level 1 with level 2-3 at the same table without it causing much of an issue. Maybe toss them a +1 weapon or item as well.

Ugh. Seriously? I've been telling people "That's one cool thing about Encounters- if you miss a few sessions here or there, you won't get left behind."

I guess I skimmed over that part of the book.

Its not a big deal either way.  If you have a party thats not entirely level 2 (or one that is a bit 'weak' for any other reason), you are allowed to scale down the encounter.  Just lower the number of monsters by one of those closest to the encounter level.  Or buff your party with a +1 or +2 to hit bonus for some cool "RP" reason you invent!  You can make it work, and work great!

     I ran a double session of Encounters, Session 5 and Session 6 together. I am running another game on the alternate days for people who are not interested in lower level 4th ed D&D. If people had knowledge of the previous week, it sure didn't seem to show or hurt things. We had seven players, another table had three.

    The party consisted of:
Elven Druid Summer Aspect.
Drow Thunder Warpriest.
Human Sun Warpriest.
Half-Orc Knight Fighter.
Tiefling Infernal Pact Warlock.
Human Rogue.
Drow Hunter.

spoilerey stuff

     I had a slight change - well, a big change - but it didn't change the encounters much. The group reasoned with Vladistone and allowed him into the Fortress after much roleplaying with him and Aldus. The Tower recognized Vladistone and drew him into the Tower until "That Which Was Taken" was returned.
      Much of the time was great roleplaying what they had been doing during the Four Months. The Druid had tryed to find out the History of Vladistone and "What Was Taken". As a foreshadowing, he fought a rumor that The Silver Company had an Eladrin Wizard that had gone deep into the Feywild after his friend Vladistone had died. He and Faldrya learned much of the Silver Company that was not dangerous for them to learn this soon. He also tryed to keep the new Invernessian from cutting too much lumber. So, the encounter with the lost foresters had special meaning for him.
     The Drow Priest and the Elven Druid played a semi-dangerous game of Cat and Mouse - the had been ordered by their respective bosses to act nice to their enemies - for now - in hopes that some sort of peace treaty could come from this - or at least some advantage in the eternal struggle. The Drow's boss specificly mentioned that failure on her part would result in "dire demotion in her rank". 
     The Sun Priest started building his Temple on a Mountain Top. With the help of his friend the Half-Orc who had to keep the odd goblin away.
     The Drow Hunter, did some hunting with his new friend - Cadmus, one of the ill-fated foresters. He was trying to grow a beard, with marginal success. He found a way to magically stimulate beard growth. And had someone cast it on Faldrya. This sparked an Elf - Drow joke war that was still raging months later. The budding romance of Faldrya and the Drow is expected to happen any day now.
     The Tiefling went into business thru his family with a local Dwarven brewer becoming the town's Beer Baron. He also worked with the Rogue to make a tavern. The Half-Orc becoming a part time bouncer - not that he actually stops brawls from happening. 
     The group was in the tavern in the middle of a brawl - or avoiding it - when the start of the situation dropped on them. They hadn't caught the hint of rumor of diseased animals - so I rubbed their faces in it. The Drow Priest got a diseased weasel pelt in the face. That stopped the brawl right quick and people took notice with a Demon Plague on the face of one of the PCs. It had been neutralized by the ward, but it got their attention.
      The foresters stumbled into the town near the same time. To add a bit of desperation, I had an element that their bodys where too far gone, but their souls might not be. The group was NOT going to let Aldus leave. They liked him and knew that the ward was connected to him. But, he was the only one that could cure the disease and remove the source. So, they relucantly took him - like they could stop him
       They went out to find the foresters. Made great skill checks. It was clear that the fight with the foresters was going to seem like a mild speed bump, so I punched things up. I wanted it to be interesting, but not long. They had to try to not kill the foresters so that their souls could saved. Also, I had the plague give the foresters mild but dramatic power-ups and monster-out effects that added some tension. The Drow Hunter vowed that he would avenge his fallen friend and took his magic bow to help with the avenging.
      They set off to find the source of infection.

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