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I have been using minis more and more in our Encounter sessions, and currently use a small part of the sticky post it note with a number to distinguish between the similar minis.  Does anyone have a better method that make distinguishing between similar minis easily recognizeable and quick for the DM to set up?
 I take a office hole punch and punch out different colors of paper and save the "Dots" of paper made. Then I write numbers on the pieces of paper and use clear tape to affix them to the base.
I'm second from the left in the picture.

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i use a similar method. office supply stores carry packs of tiny colored dot stickers that are about the same size as the hole punched dots. they're nice because the peel off the bases easier than tape does. 
I don't have an extensive mini collection, so I used the tokens from the DM Kit this week for my group (both player tokens and monsters tokens).

The player tokens have a gold ring to make them easy to distinguish. The monster tokens are pre-numbered to make them easy to track hit points and conditions. Both sets of tokens have a reverse side with the same picture/number and a red outer ring to indicate bloodied status. I also passed out action point tokens since everyone was reset to 1 AP at the start of the chapter.

I love minis too but the tokens seem to be more functional, at least in my experience. They are also easier to tote around.
Thanks for the replies.  I plan on hitting up a office supply store and grabbing some dot stickers, as they seem to be the easiest option, so thanks for the suggestion Seth_B.

@JSollars: I agree the tokens are easier to tote around, and since I have been DMing Encounters from the beginning, the past few Game Days, and have purchased the new DM starter kit, I am swimming in tokens.  They do make distinguishing between the enemies very easy, and admittedly are a DMs delight when it comes to record keeping, but I have to say I much more enjoy the 3D aspect of the minis.  Course, that brings its own problems, distinguishing them for one, cost is another.  I just dropped $20 on 10 of the new skeletons because the cost of skeletons sky rockets quickly.  That is insane for 10 minis and don't see myself doing it again any time soon.  The standees which have been posted on the site for the last two seasons have been outstanding and I use them whenever I can't get a good group of minis together.  It is really easy to convert the picture file into a .pdf and add Ooze 1, Ooze 2, etc. before printing them, making them even easier to use.
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