Players Wanted

We are a group of mature players (all in early 30's). We are veterans of role-playing dating back to playing Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. We have been playing online with a system we have devoloped using a screen sharing program, voice program and IM. The current campaign started 2 years ago and recently we have lost a couple of our regular players and would like to pick up atleast one more.

We currently play 3.5 edition D&D and Star Wars Saga Edition. I run the D&D portion and my close friend is running the Star Wars. We general play on Fridays starting at 9:00 PM ET and running to various quitting times generally around 1:00 AM ET.

If interested please respond.

I would be interested. I currently own a paid Teamspeak2 server back from the days when I ran an online gaming club. I currently play with another friend (also in his 30's) over this chat. I'll Pm you my email for more info.
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