Information on Nerath?

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Does anybody know where I can find more information on the empire of Nerath?  I've read the Dragon article in #393, and the bits in the DMG and such.

I'm basically looking for the answer to a couple of questions that I can't make up my own mind on.  Like, what kind of armor did the Nerathi wear?  What did they dress like?  If anyone knows of any more published information, or just has some suggestions of their own, I'd appreciate it.

My first inclination is to dress them up like the Romans.  But something about that feels ... too easy.  Besides, they were a powerful empire with access to great magic, right?  So options that didn't exist in the real world should probably have been available to them.  And not just in terms of clothes, but in terms of lifestyle, economic system ... we know that they seem to have hereditary rule ...

What was their big advantage that allowed them to run roughshod all over enough people that they were able to establish themselves as an empire?  Was it military, like airplanes or the atom bomb?  Was it cultural, like movies or rock 'n roll?  Was it economic?

Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Places to look?