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We ended the last session and our druid got a promise from Vladistone to give him two days to find a solution for his problem. The PCs tried to break into the Ghost Tower but all efforts were shattered. So they feared for the worst at the end of the second day, but Vladistone didn't show up, and also didn't over the course of the next week. The PC's aren't people who wants to wait. They have a few ideas:

  • Lay the soul of Vladistone to his final rest. That means, they want to go and search for his body. Is it possible that they find the story of his death? I mean Faldyra will fnd it in the third chapter, so why should an adventurer not have the chance? But then we would have to go directly to session 10, or?

  • Get the corpse of his wife, and bury her again outside of Inverness (after Vladistones death threats if they touch his wife, they abandoned this idea).

  • Get into the Ghost Tower, retrive the omnious Soul Gem, and use it one Vladistone. They tried everything, nothing worked (including research work in Hammerfast). So they decided that they give the other known Ghost Tower in the Witchlight Fens a visit.

I'm not sure waht to do now. Shall we make a break in the programm, and make a side trek to the Witchlight Fens Ghost Tower, and after that go back to the programm. Or maybe then skip chapter two, tell them of the destruction of Inverness and go to chapter three. Or shall I just tel them what happened at the other Ghost Tower (this is a little stupid because I think they want to play this). Or maybe even tell them they didn't find it - I mean it's a Ghost Tower - maybe it's away this time of the year?

Two informations: I have every week the same group of six players - so there will probably be no problem of other people showing up and have a problem because we aren't on the exact shedule of encounters anymore - and we will get back there after the side trek with playing two sessions a week - we have done that with KotB because we started six weeks after the official start.

Thanks for your thoughts and help. 
It sounds like you have a very dedicated and enthusiactic group!

I would caution you against going too far off-schedule with the current season, a big part of the fun is the shared experience with other gaming groups that are dealing with the same encounters every week and then talking about it here and other places on the net. So, I would say skipping ahead to the next chapter is not a good idea.

A side trek would probably be your best bet. You could then play 2 encounters in one week (the side trek plus the usual one) and stay on schedule.

Do you have the Red Box starter set? It came with a coupon inside for a free downloadable adventure "Ghost Tower of the Witchlight Fens" by Robert Schwalb. It is intended as a solo play adventure, but it can be easily adapted to a group quest. You also get all the tokens and the poster map you need for the adventure in the box itself. It is not directly related to the current season storyline but it's still a heck of lot of fun, so even if your party does not find what they are looking they should still have a blast. (I played thru it and got gacked by the Big Bad Guy at the end. My companion character managed to avenge me and take him out after that though).

spoilerey stuff

Hello Lars Volta,
    I know exactly the situation. I was worryed that my would not like to be railroaded into not finding a solution for Vladastone was well. Aldas comes across as the unreasonal fool that caused the trouble that the PCs have to clean up. 
    In my group I have a Eladrin Warlock played by a fan of Romantic Fantasy that sense a tragic romantic plot a mile away. He aided the ritual while the rest of the party fought the skeletons. He specificly tryed to work into the ritual a way for the person connected the tended grave to be worked into the defense of the fortress! I don't like says "the script says X so what you did is worthless". So, had Vladstone be able to enter the fortress by being invited in by one of the casters of the Ritual. However, to keep the module going I had to have a reason for the storyline to continue. So, the Ghost Tower, now remanifested recognized Vladstone as the one that had taken the Arrow of Time opened it doors says in deep voice "Return that you have taken". Vladstone could not and so was drawn into the tower and the tower resealed. The Brigade will still come and do it's attack. As (with a slight modification) Vladstone is a member and they think that he is held captive by the settlement. When that is resolved, the party will be directed to the dungeon to get the Arrow and resolve the problem. I can even have Vladstone come back as for cameo was time is being warped by the Arrow. Something similar to this might help, allow them to have Vladstone come in, but have a complication that still results the Brigade showing up. I don't know if this helps, but I applaud your working with the players to make it their game. Let me what happens.