Before Trading With Kaxel_Vofer Read ME

After meeting several others who have been ripped off by this idiot, Kaxel_Vofer send me this statement in an email.  I figure it's best that you all see it for yourselves.  Anyone who has been ripped off by this guy, send me your contact information, conversation history with enrique, and specific dates so I can add it in to the pile of information being handed over to investigators. 

Well my bad experience with him is from a couple of years back. The mail correspondence is long gone unfortunately.
His English seems so much better in the email than in his general posts.  Makes me think his posts are just an acting job.
'Spics'? Did he really say that? 

I do hope your investigators nail this guy. AND his young, imaginary girlfriend. 

Star Wars: Tapestry
 - a play-by-post campaign for everyone... good OR evil!

Hahaha, what a sad, sad individual.

Thanks GregoryF!
Did anything come of this scam artist?
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