How does one volunteer to DM LFR at GenCon?

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Its a little early, but with GenCon event submissions ending next week I thought I better ask. I'm atttending my first GenCon this year and thought I might also run a game while I'm there (to cross it off my bucket list.) 

I figured the easiest way to do this would be to run a LFR mod or WotC con delve. Do I need to submit a separate event for that, or is there a way to volunteer later with either LRF moderators or WotC? I'm currently a WPN organizer, but haven't run anything since the LFR split fro WotC.

When Dave Christ (wavester) is ready to solicit DMs for one of the big cons (he acts as Senior DM for them), he'll likely post something on the RPGA Conventions board (at least, that's what he's done in the past):
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