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In the Encounters group I DM for, our Defender, Galamere, an Eladrin Knight, has been wooing Lady Faldyra- and succeeding!  Four months later, chapter 2 begins, and I was debating on the future of their relationship.

What do Eladrin tend to think about their Elven cousins?  While I know Elves and Eladrin are technically members of the same species, they have evolved in different directions- is it feasible that they could have a child?

I know Faldyra has a big role in the adventure, so I'm not sure if this could impact it, but I haven't seen much rp in past Encounters, so this might be fun to pursue.

If anyone has any thoughts on this topic, I'd appreciate them.
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If a human and and elf, a human and a orc, and a human and a dwarf can do it I don't see why an elf and a eladrin can't.
If a human and and elf, a human and a orc, and a human and a dwarf can do it I don't see why an elf and a eladrin can't.

This with a side order of 'depending on what path the children follow'.
Even though I don't know the specific nature of the RP interaction, or your style as DM I do have a few comments. 

The situation provides you with the oppurtunity for some amusing RP and a hook for the eladrin knight as Faldyra scornfully says, "You amy be an eladrin noble, but you have yet to prove yoursef to me!  Cleanse the tower and I will consider your offer."  And then proceeds to assign him all forms menial tasks over the next four months.

It could be good fun as long as the player does not have the **** n'ale approach.  But that is just me.  That is one of the D&D stereotypes popular among players that falls flat for me. 

I'm playing an eladrin knight and thought of wooing Faldyra but choose not to due to the compressed nature of the encounters format.

Have fun with it.  Let us know how it plays out.
Here's what I'd do in your case...

1. Tell them that they will need time to research the exact location and make preparations.
2. In the meantime, Inverness is settled a bit, and Aldus - perhaps feeling guilty about his indifference towards the spirit - becomes interested in their quest and decides to join them.
3. Replace Session 1 of Chapter 2 with whatever you would like to have happen on the way to/at the Witchlight Fens ghost tower. Be sure to mention that ghostly figures seem to be observing them during the trek.
4. Change the conditions of Session 2, but not the actual encounter. The same enemies attack, and achieve the same result.
5. The characters make it back to Inverness just in time for the events of Session 3.

Essentially, you are dropping the plague subplot in favor of the new Witchlight Fens subplot. The end result is the same, and the story carries forth from there.

That is about as simple as I can make the change, I think.
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