03/03/2011 TD: "Make It Blue"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Top Decks article, which goes live Thursday morning on magicthegathering.com.
Top Decks usually makes me start to slowly hate Magic. This article actually restored my confidence.
Apple have become dictators of hip

Seriously? Maybe for people who like to spend an extra 50% to get an extra 25% value.
It stands to reason that Flores would love apple products. They're the only things that love themselves as much as he loves himself.
My New Year's resolution was not to make any further references to chase mythics in the TD threads, but if I were minded to draw a comparison between Mike's love of them and his love of apple products, it wouldn't be hard.

I will however note that these so-called rogue decks still run Jace. It seems that rogue only gets you so far in this environment, although I applaud both deck designers originality as against the rest of the field.

It was disappointing to read Mike's "Most players just aren't used to playing against Grand Architect and Steel Hellkite". Without reading too much into it, it suggests that much of standard has become predictable.

Apart from the decklists themselves, the most interesting part of this article was the preordain analysis. For once, chalk this up, I am in agreement with Mr Flores.
Maybe I'm a bit slow today, but I can't find any connection between the "younger, slimmer model" stuff in the intro and the content of the article. Nor does the author's burbling about Apple really make any sense except as an excuse to namecheck Blair Waldorf (whom I suspect he has confused with Leighton Meester).

Close the other tabs while you're writing about Magic please Mr Flores. Or at least don't share. Tongue out
I've gotten used to the references making almost, but not entirely, no sense at all.

It in fact reminds me of one of my own favorite moments on the Pro Tour, when Japanese superstar Jin Okamoto had to read Steve Sadin's Tibor and Lumia. Win or lose, we were ecstatic, and Steve and I were high-fiving each other when Jin had to ask for another edition (I think it was an Italian Tibor and Lumia or something). Go ahead, mouseover and look at it. I know you don't know what it is, either.

Someone doesn't play EDH... sorry, Commander. =P
IIRC Flores actually does play EDH.
blah blah metal lyrics
"Most players just aren't used to playing against Grand Architect and Steel Hellkite". Without reading too much into it, it suggests that much of standard has become predictable.

Every word this man has ever written carries that connotation. In fact, this is the first article in quite some time about competititve Magic that DIDN'T make me feel what you're describing.
Oh, a Treasure Architect deck and a Caw Blade deck. Those certainly haven't been talked to death.

And praising Apple as hip? Really, Apple? I only ever see old people on Macs...

Painful article to read. To be honest I only skimmed over the last bit.

I totally agree with Torleep. What a pain, this article. Has Wizards ever thought that Flores is using this official platform as an advertisement for SCG? What's more, it's so convenient to cover TopDecks when he's employed there.

No one ever saw the link between Apple and Aintrazi's blue deck. That was a lame attempt. Mr Rosewater, please teach him how to make a link.

Please explain further about your Tibor and Lumia too. Don't stop there you lazy bum.

Mike Flores is a high-level advertising executive.  Love of Apple products and self-promotion are both in his blood.

Also, it's really unfair to get on him for covering the SCG series.  It's WotC who stepped back from 5 PTs + worlds a year in 2005 to 3 + worlds now, and lost 4 GPs at the same time. (Not to mention 3 more will henceforth always be overshadowed by the concurrent PT.)  There just aren't as many official tournaments to cover.  SCG has stepped up to cover the slack and they get hundreds of players.  It would be wrong for him not to cover it.

Even ChannelFireball has tournament reports about the SCG series.  If they don't find it counter-productive then I can't see blaming the mothership for covering it.

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