Where to buy prop and vehicles?

Hello, as I am new to gaming and buying minis I wonder where I can find AT-AT´s, AT-ST´s etc for my gaming? Cant seem to find it anywhere.

With the game no longer in production, those sorts of things are becoming harder to find. Your best bet is to try eBay. You should still be able to find a decently priced AT-ST or two, but don't expect to get an AT-AT for less than $100. That's assuming you're after that actual WotC minis. There are a few substitutes that are roughly the right scale which may or may not be cheaper.

Looks for the SW Vehicles thread I started a while back. There are some links and suggestions in there.

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Aaah, that was a fun thread.
A short answer on the AT-AT is the version by Revell models (quite close to the WotC piece). It's a snapkit, so not tough to make. It's also big & suitably terrifying; plus, as a model, you can mess with it!
"It is better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt." Scale video that I made with darthvaughn: " SW Minis Scale video Starship Modeler website. Jeff Russel's incredible STARSHIP DIMENSIONS website, with our favourite vehicles, vessels & critters from multiple sources, shown to scale. SQUADRON MODEL's Sci-Fi model kits section. How to make a model conversion to an Old Republic frigate.
if you wanted  TIEs, rebel fighters, and snow speeders, then action fleet is good, but they are not in production anymore, however some, like the TIE bomber, vaders tie, xwing, and snowspeeder can be substituted for by the transformers toys, which also have accurate scale TX-130 fighter tanks, ARC-170s, gunships (you'll have to do some leg removing to get minis in the cargo bay), and AAT, if you dont want to pay ridiculous prices for AT-RT then try the ROTS micro vehicles (like micro machines) one. the star tours star speeder 3000 and the rarer star speeder 1000 are both to scale with minis as well, for tri droids theres the 2008 "Tri-Droid" Action figure which is to the minis an actual tri droid. I just hope wizards picks up the line again.