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Does anyone have copies of the pregen characters leveled up to 2nd level and/or 3rd level?
Because each player is supposed to start a character at level 1 no matter at which point they join up, there haven't been any leveled versions of the pre-gens published by Wizards. And even then, when characters were bumped at specific points in the story last season, they didn't choose to send out a set of 2nd/3rd levels.

That doesn't mean that a DM (or player) won't make some higher-leveled versions. I know of at least three sets of level 3 versions of the previous pre-gens, all posted/linked on the forums for everyone's convenience. I haven't really been tracking my players' experience totals too closely so far, so maybe people aren't all that concerned just yet. In any way, I'd say player-made 2nd levels should show up before too long.
The character builder all ready has the level 1 pregens loaded into in. All you have to do is select one and then level it upto level 2 and 3.
I am actually a huge fan of the full color half-page character sheets over the multi-page monstrosities of the character builder.  For the previous seasons, Ive managed to find people willing to invest in the time to make levelled up pre-gens in the half-page fashion, I hope the trend continues with this season.
Wielding a Bohemian Ear Spoon can be fun and informative.
In previous Seasons of Encounters we photoshopped them for level 2, and level 3 if there's room.
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